World Wonder Question


I read this on the wiki

"There are 7 different world wonders to be built. The WW construction spots can only be seen if the player has more than 5000 points. Note that each alliance cannot build more than one of each type. Once a WW is constructed it also gives the alliance who built it a small bonus."

So does that mean that 2 different alliances can both have a pyramid?

As i was under the impression that each world could only have 1 of each.


Where did you hear that, I haven't seen anything that says 1 wonder per ocean.


Stab in the dark, I like to disagree. Seriously though, I am pretty ure I have read it somewhere and it is the assumption I am operating under.


Re-read the grepolis wiki, it says nothing about 1 wonder per ocean.


Yeah. Reading through it seems to work like this:

1. There needs to be complete ownership of an island before you can construct your own alliance wonder. On the island you fully colonise a patch of earth appears which represents the foundation dirt. You then select the wonder and you all build from there.

2. Each alliance can build only one wonder island per wonder. That is, you can't have 2 islands devoted to the same wonder.

3. The first alliance to build 4 wonders (out of a possible 7) opens up the hero world and carries advantages (bonus) into the hero world.

4. If alliances are to merge best do it before 8th december latest as after then no alliances can merge and retain their wonders if they start building.

5. Players, and alliances, can still move into the hero world so we maybe should not all panic (if smaller alliances).
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How soon after the switch to 2.0 do the wonders start ?. does Delta go straight into it ?
Immediately for delta, I believe, The requirement is that the top 50 alliances have a total combined sum of 250million points, I am pretty sure Delta meets this so in 4 days you can start your wonder construction.


After the world is 6 months old the 250million point requirement falls by 13million a month. For Delta this makes the point requirement quite low. I think we will definitely go straight into wonder building. The only thing stopping this is if there is something weard about the upgrade that we don't know about yet which delays the wonder building for a while. However I am convinced we will go straight into wonder building based upon what we have been told so far.