World Wonders - Top Tips from the veterans



Is there any players that have been through the World Wonder era that can offer advice and top tips?

Aside from the 'blurb' on the islands I cannot find any discussion/guides on the subject.

Thanks in advance.


Is there no one out there that has been through the World Wonder era and want to share their experience, advice?

Is there anywhere in the forum I can read up on the subject?


Something just reminded me I intended to post here....

The key to successful WW is planning. You need to make your plans for where, what, who and how many, a long time before the age of wonders starts. Find where your core is, the area that will be easiest for your alliance to defend. Figure out who your most trusted members are (having a turncoat or spy on your WW islands will ruin everything), then ask them to take cities there. You can trade cities, or you can just found them, at this point in the game it doesn't matter anymore.
Next step is to get a group of leaders together. You want to work in shifts to make sure you have someone available at all times to start wonder construction. These would preferably be from across the world, in different time zones.
Instruct these players what and when is of most importance to you, and make sure they know how to start wonders and are not afraid to send mass mails.

Next make a hidden thread in your forums about your WW plans. List what islands you are going to build the wonders on, what wonders on those islands, and who owns cities there. List them in priority that you want them built.

Inform your alliance of an optimum defensive build for WW cities (don't tell them if they are on WW cities yet, just tell them what ocean to fortify), and about the most efficient trade set up (merchant shop + maxed market of course). See if you can get people to acquire a bit of gold at this stage, as you will need the captain to reduce trade times, and the priestess for extra favor.
That leads me into the next step, and what surprised me when I went through this; Favor. Having high temples may be just as important, if not more so, than having high trade cap. The reason for this is that when you hit level 5 and up on the wonders, the build times become very long. For 400 favors from each god you can cut this by a decent amount. And every alliance member can do this as often as they want. When it comes down to an actual race to build the wonders, this is what will win it for you.

When you actually start sending resources, inform everyone to send to the same wonder as much as possible before starting the construction. Whatever you send will carry over to the next level for the wonder, so no resources are lost when doing this.
You need to cue each wonder as soon as possible so you can get it done before anyone else.

That's all I can think of right now, but feel free to ask more specific questions. I'm no expert, but I will do my best.
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Many thanks Ice Dragon.
Your answer has helped a lot.
Please post down anything else you might think will help.
And that's an invite for any of you veterans out there - that have been through the WW era.