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Hey guys,

Would just like to point out the obvious... No one in this server will get crowed if we don't all start working together for a short period of time.


And what a waste of almost two years of play if no one does and a lot of us have worked hard in this server at some point.

Maybe its time for the leaders to sit down with eachother and mutually agree how we are going to sort this situation.

I know there is history and he does not like him and blablabla its only a crown blablabla, but this server will soon finish and we will all only have a few wonder awards to show for it.

Its time for some spontaneous collaboration i think to reward those who are deserving.

Me being in independent i have no say for this alliance, no rights so please PM the leaders there.

Just a thought guys, swallow the pride, lets all get crowned then in the final weeks beat the hell out of eachother.

Your truly Yeee pirate

NZ God.


Or you could, you know, try to take the enemies wonders by force like alliances normally (try anyway) to do. Or do you have no faith in the capabilities of your teammates?

WW is such a sham in general. It's a shame with the update of merging hero worlds they actually have some value in future worlds instead of being a useless shiny trophy that just showed you were in the right place at the right time and are good at simming.


NZ has a lot of friends on the server and friends want good things for their mates.. He is no coward or simmer, but he is a lazy git! :D

I on the other hand have no friends so I don't give a rats bottom..

I'm also with Independent and have every faith in the peeps here, we are doing pretty well on the builds and can hold our own in a fight too. As long as the Looney Toons don't win I am happy, and they won't..

Congrats to Xstream on completing the Temple.. Well played guys and gals!


I guess thats part of my issue, i also joined Brir for a time when all he did was sing of peace and love and picking on the simmers and the weak... I got fat and to used to that life style.

HA you're telling me about the useless shinny awards, i've participated in a few worlds now and won a few.. with Eviction Notice.. the most aggressive hardest playing alliance in grepo history, our awards however have carried over nothing except memories to new worlds.

I also feel i invested a lot of time in this server at the start, first server i have really gone out on my own in. Would like a shinny crown to show for it, and i think there are around 150 players in dif alliances that deserve one as well.

Lets see who builds the wonders and were they are built, personally maybe we will have to work together at some point as i see NT have built the lighthouse we have built the pyramids and Xstream have the temple.

Well done everyone, independent are a great bunch of players, i'm glad to be apart of there alliance.


Yep.. Toons built the Lighthouse so I say Well Played to the rank and file peeps there..

I can't print what I'd say the the leadership so insert your own insult here..


And we built the Pyramids.. Go us.. we are truly GREAT..


These next 2 wonders were close. Hanging Gardens built by Pure Death, well done guys and gals you will never know how close we were to you on that but good to see an alliance who gave me a great fight earlier on get something out of this. You deserve it!


Colossus by NT, again well played to the guys and gals there, another one that was so close we could almost touch it but just shaded by the peeps there. Congrats to the rank and file.. No comment to the leaders! lol..


Ah 4 wonders built, nice work team. Now will it be possible to get to 7 by anyone?


5 wonders.. Only 2 more to go.. You know what that means Mr Blaze.. FIGHT... I'm looking forward to this..


I am a peace loving man..

But I will always fight for what I believe in. And I believe trees have rights too, Maypole Dancing is not for sissies and flowers are great..

Toons do not.. therefore they must DIE..


NT fail as an alliance to protect their WW city under attack then boot the player that owned it, typical.
Nice to see so much support ordered into Master Blazes city to cover fakes.


Well, that was the end of the house of cards.
Great team-action, and great show from NT (no sarcasm).
A long ride, but in the end the better team was...
Thanks everyone, it was big fun
now, just two more WW...
See yall around

renne ndoor de deur.jpg


Wow.. NT fall apart at the end and there alliance dissolves. Did Blaze pull the pin?

Another world, another world won for the NZ God account. Great victory Independent some truly splendid playing.


Only hours out, things are tight, will Independent gain victory of this world. Or will Toon and co take a city in time on a wonder island stopping this victory.

And where is Im Blaze loosing 10 cities in the last few days?

6 of 7 wonders built.