World wonders


Although its a long time for ww, since the forum is so inactive i thought i post something.

In many world's often alliances have agreed to delay world wonders by not starting to build them. What do different players think on this? Should we enter resource race after 3 months or continue with the game play for some more time?


That was a valid and I feel extremely important aspect of the game until recently. Inno has since made set WW starting dates that are predetermined when a world starts. Like screwing around with the moral aspect of the game, taking this option to influence the game and WW starting dates has removed a lot of skill from the game hence increasing even more the power of mass gold spenders. Good for Inno, bad for Grepo, the average player and the game in general.

Bring back LMD's (at least in some worlds) and remove predetermined WW starting dates PLEASE!!!

PS. while we're on end game issues, why not display dom zone islands from the start of the world too. I think it would make the world more competitive, especially for those islands instead of what currently happens when islands are only exposed when dom period starts and many alliances that feel they were in the dom zone have less percentage than they thought and just give up there and then instead of competing.