Worst/Alliance& player in iota!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mmunite, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. mmunite

    mmunite Guest

    hi guys! lots of comments about the "best" alliances and how they destroy...Yes, that means no name bashing to Evo-DD-or TDC- or doves of war lol all are awesome alliances!

    Thats not the point of this thread though! Who do you think is the worst alliance or player in iota?

    This should be entertaining!

    Oh i'm sorry but i like these face things, and i like to make funny stuff with them sooo don't pay them much attention ;)
    :pro:(SW):supermad:-----> did not know he was signing up for war ;) then he becomes : :rolleyes: then he: is :cool: and decides to: (Res)

    and he goes: :eek: and died :( lol

    just having fun ;)
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  2. NAJHI

    NAJHI Guest

    worst alliance Freedom
  3. mmunite

    mmunite Guest

    my alliance ^^ may i inquire why?
  4. NAJHI

    NAJHI Guest

    just because i was going to c what u where going to say because it was your alliance
  5. mmunite

    mmunite Guest

    oh :)

    lol i hope i said the right thing :)

    lol i have found that a lot of people really don't like me!

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  6. Manu Forti

    Manu Forti Phrourach

    Mar 22, 2011
    i agree with ya Naji, Freedom it is :Angry:
    Baslisk leader
    Has and will allways been an alliance full of loud mouths with nothing ellse to do then threatning others with Merge this and Merge that...or YOU WILL DIE, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla...........................................................

    (I will problably get banned for this but that is ok for me) :pro:
  7. LaBandolera

    LaBandolera Guest

    Naah, nowadays you only get banned if you forward surveys on 2.0 or if you spam the forum too much when you don't play a world anymore ;)
  8. mmunite

    mmunite Guest

    Manu that was when we were Descendants of leonidas and that was my mistake not DOL so we are different now :)
  9. BaneBR

    BaneBR Guest

    Hi kid. How are you?
    What happen to the "Legion" alliance that you and your friends created?
  10. mmunite

    mmunite Guest

    hey Bane! hows it going!

    Its still here isn't it :p

    We went through new leadership, new leader is Bass great guy! and we are now Freedom!
  11. BaneBR

    BaneBR Guest

    I'm fine ^^
    I preferred Legion is more scary that name... I was getting scared when i saw Legion coming back ;P
    Freedom as far i remember was 1 alliance at north that merge with Empire and they created Phalanx from that merge, i think they merged some other alliances too like: Order of Olympus. and slaughter (something like that)
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  12. mmunite

    mmunite Guest

    They merged with an alliance that when i was in your alliance you guys freaked out about ;) lol oo i remmber those days we went for a "nap" lol, but either way i hope that wasn't sarcasm ;)

    Freedom is copyrighted from them but hey we took it we like it and it has nothing to do with em!
  13. BaneBR

    BaneBR Guest

    We had a nap with empire long time ago but they merged so much that they lost their identity as 1 alliance, they starting merging with alliances that we was at war, now they are paying the price day by day ;P
  14. mmunite

    mmunite Guest

    i've noticed lol

    so lets get back on subject!
  15. apollo026

    apollo026 Guest

    This is bound to turn into a hate-fest but I think the worst alliance is Phalanx. They are trying to do things they are not capable of and are major turtles.
  16. mmunite

    mmunite Guest

    lol peopel reading this! do not be upset if your name appears in this its meant for fun, maybe a tip or two here would be nice :)

    Notice how i have not gotten that my alliance has been named a few times here lol
  17. Manu Forti

    Manu Forti Phrourach

    Mar 22, 2011
    Yea right, in your Dreams buddy; We are Slaughterers and to Merge with them, no way.......:heh:

    They, Freedom change name more often then i change my underwear for shure :)
    and i guess SL are one of few that has fought against them.....
    Sporteus their original founder was a true pain in the a**, he was from the beggining over a year ago one of our allys and we protected him from TDC, lol
    funny how things can change around here.....
  18. Payne

    Payne Guest

    Remembrance is the worst alliance. With a loser as a founder......Oh wait, thats me. lol. jk. I was bored. But worst alliance or player huh? Let me think for a bit.
  19. najimur

    najimur Guest

    best alliance, D12
    worst alliance, UNT

    no explanation needed. everyone should agree.
  20. NAJHI

    NAJHI Guest

    well thats just unfair because their is tons of ppl who hate UNT