Discussion Worst Island Quest


Hero of the People, hands down.

The one where this guy gets beat up by the palace guards?

Total hogwash. You give resources for +Def or 5 hours of lost loyalty for +Speed?

Usually your inventory is overflowing with +Def tokens and the latter is by no means worth it at all.

This one begs for 50 gold to be used on it to rotate it out.


Speed boost is one of the best rewards there is if You know how to use it. I'm not exactly sure if it has any major benefits in conquest worlds, but using it to speed up Your CS in a revolt world can mean the difference between taking the city or allowing the enemy to fill up the city with defenses before Your CS arrives.
Has helped me take a city on atleast 2 occasions.

Thane Badger

It's the same in Conquest. That speed up is a real game changer. By speeding up a CS and using invisibility it's possible to fool people a CS is a slow transport over certain distances.

When it comes to World wonders, you have your secure area and with a speed up spell it suddenly all gets a lot smaller.