Worst world start to date?

Evil MeIinoe

You are on notice Cornish girl


I can't confirm the email is fake, but I can confirm they wont even answer a lawyer mailing them (going on 6 months) and when you point this out to the CMs they just say in essence "Not my problem."
I don't need to confirm the no accountability because the community managers are acting as:
Legislature, executive, Judge, Jury, prosecutor, defense attorney, executioner, and appellate court for the same people they openly play right beside.
This when their own rules claim them nothing more than simple referees.
This grossly violates industry standards (I have family in the industry confirming this) and even violates their own contract (EULA) with the players.
This is all self evident.

NOTE: This is not an accusation that the CMs are making corrupt decisions. It is pointing out. your system makes you LOOK corrupt and you refuse to change it despite over 50 people I know of personally quitting this game right after citing this exact reason.
NOTE 2: This is not directed at volunteer moderators. You did not create the system and might just simply be trying to earnestly help out.
2 of the 3 mods I knew personally this was the case.
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God damnit Mike, why won’t you let the mentally unstable rimtards sue you?

We could even televise the trial.