Pnp Wrecking Crew...Wrecked.


Hey guys,

Might I remind you all that ban discussion is not allowed on the forum.
Whether you are talking in general or being specific, we do not allow it. :)

Thankies and have a nice day!

- Lane

:O :O The Government is tryin to shut is down. So typical. As soon as a good citizen figures out something about the dirty deeds of the corrupt Government, they try to shut as down, as not to unravel the conspiracy. This is the best example!
Citizens of Grepolis, I urge you to protest. :pro:
Everyone who's with me... Boo at Lane, and throw tomatoes & eggs at him! lol :p


I have been on the inside of what is probably the most implosion prone alliance in this world. Thing is, all of that lead to where we are now. There is no drama, no hidden flower circle where some leadership cabal sits for days trying to decide what to do next. It's simple over here at Repo. Play the game and carry your weight.

It kills me to see a two city player make a claim on a five city player, then be surprised when the entire alliance doesn't take the city for them. As far as Doom goes, he could have a lot more cities than he does, but he takes them, then flips them to players that deserve it. That doesn't ring of a gold monger to me.

Funny thing about these forums; so many people that talked so much are gone.



Or just plain old got smoked . . .


Says the guy with five alliance changes and three cities . . .


Thats still pretty good for a person whos not even trying.. Plus this is y first revolt world, I guess Delphi would count as my first on the us servers.