WW Era

Wow, epilek has further destroyed their own chances of getting anything done with WW :D
Would love to know what happened to cause a player to switch sides so late in the game
This was my first time playing Grepolis and I was greatly disappointed in all the back stabbing and then crying fowl when everyone said enough is enough...GeeBear warned me straight up what Epi was all about when MM broke the pact with Exile and created enemies of everyone on the map...so it was our own fault for following the direction and once the dust settled from that betrayal, we got to see first hand what he was talking about...It didn't take me long to message all the Exile players I had gotten to know and apologize for what we did...even tho we didn't have a say in the matter as MM was running with Rambo on things...if I do play another world, I sure hope to see the members of Epi playing...it will give me a target to focus on...specially those that took over the diplomatic side of things and tried to make peace with everyone saying that Rambo had left and someone else was taking over the account...the lies stayed the same, the crying fowl by those turning their backs on Epi got louder, the ignorant insults grew more and more and finally when I was asked for one final attempt at working out a joint OPs, they attack me...when I took out a pile of cities....once again they cried fowl...I don't get it...does anyone in Epi have any idea of reality or is it just I've lost my mind and think that honor and integrity between allies is something to be protected???

Epi got their just desert and I for one am loving it...for a team that claimed they could teach everyone how to play and actually win a server...they sure came up short.

Go Bunniez a great team of core players who worked hard at learning the game and working as a team...we might not have gotten a WW up, but we made everyone recognize the ability and hard fighting style we used all server and that is something Epi never did catch on to.


Company got sold so we doing paper works and moving to new location so cant get my 18h grepo a day
so i have to VM