WW Winners


I reckon he is here just to amuse us. Doing good job tho

Anyway congrats. It was race, we worked hard, but BE had advantage in number of cities.
SG have given BE run for money in WW.

so final list:
BE - 4 wonders
SG - 3 wonders
IlluXYZ - 0 wonders

I'm happy with that :)
As I said earlier, nothing is final.

SG is down to 2 wonders now =)


Coming second is also failing. We lost because this world decided to beg for resources, we don't beg so we lost . If anybody consider this fun and fair world then you all pathetic and mentally unstable. It seems to me that younger generations care about wining more than anything even if they take unethical ways to achieve it. I say its the way people raise their children, they never show them what correct way to do things and hard work, ( expected from texting generations who are socially off). If you are above 30 and you decide to play another grepolis game with those kids, you are in the wrong place and you will never get to understand how those kids play.

if you find this post entertaining, then I'm glad to put a smile on a sad SG face. Or undeserved BE wonder that is 30% DD,DC 30% dad house and 30% charity from second page alliances with 4 members each.

You all hypocrites, giving us bad criticism for pacting with DD/DC then running fast and pact with them after we break pact.

SG are planing to go to another world where there is no BE or The stone cutters or Dj. those guys wasting energy in a game they will never win.
I also like how you hold DD,DC, Dads and some charity alliance with 4 members so high as they beat you.....seems it wasn't BE as we only provided 10% by your math.

Don't you all just love poor losers, LOL
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Sorry Pushty....I had to have my say since his statement was allowed to be aired of his allegations against us. I too hate cheaters and also hate poor losers.


Well, looks like the fate of this world is sealed now. SG members are leaving the alliance and ghosting, BE is already building their 6th wonder and it won't be soon until SG lose their last wonder island (they already have people on the verge of ghosting on that island), which means that BE will build their 7th wonder in a week or two at most and will take the master of the world award.

Sad to see our only serious competion leaving though, it has been fun. After we finish our 7th wonder it will most likely be followed by a cascade of ghosting from our side aswell, at least as soon as a new suitable revolt world opens its doors.

Hope to meet You guys from SG on new battlefields in the future, we are definately planning to move on with this crew, hard to find a better bunch of players =)