X-Men O75

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just don't call me a noob, the others u can call whatever u want.

Since we are talking about noobs, I would like to seize the opportunity to remind my fellow Pella players about a great charity called Adopt A Noob Foundation ran by prominent members of the most humane alliance in Grepolis - Mors Omnia Solvit. Our industrious patrons such as chrisg2003bt are working day and night to change the lives of Pella noobs for the better as according to organization's motto:


Every noob placed for adoption receives a certificate of protection that can be used to deter potential predators:


Please help this great organization save the endangered species of players from extinction by donating to the cause!


Tyrone Black, Senior Board Member of the MOS Gentlemen Club Association


Ok, I'm just going to lock this thread. Nothing really constructive or even close to being on topic going on here. Beast, if you have any concerns please message me though.
Not open for further replies.