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Xano’Last Stand

Originally I planned to write a detailed account of the epic battle I had with the combined forces of DeB and Grimm Sleepers. That became untenable because of the length and number of total attacks. The record only holds 10 pages, 25 entries to a page, for a total of 250 entries. Despite the my attempt to purge everything from the report other then the actual attack itself, I was only partially successful, as a result of the 25 possible entries of attacks I only have a total of 205 attacks, and of those 8 of those are attacks I made in return. Four were LS attacks, two real and on LS fleets I caught in opponents harbors, two more about 35 LS each were attacks I through out rather then let them be caught in harbor by opponents. All four of my other attacks were Land attack troops, Hoses and slingers, who I sent out, again, figuring they would do more damage dying in an attack, rather then as defenders. The fascinating thing is one of those attacks was successful enough to put a DoE city in revolt.

When the attacks began they were in force, as many as 20 would be coming in at a time. I knew I had no chance of beating them all in the long run, so decided to make it as expensive for my opponents as possible. My goal was to take more BP from them then I actually gave back.

I had three historical models I could follow:

a) Wake Island fight till exhausted, and then surrender.
b) The Alamo, fight holding out hope against hope that reinforcements would arrive in time to save me from annihilation, but fight to the end rather then surrender
c) The battle of Thermopile and the stand of the 300 Spartans

I chose option ”C”., I was to be “The Last of The 300”

The Good news, I had Zeus, Poseidon, Hera and Athena and some of them actually were at 500 favor, all my walls were at 25, all my cities produced the max 375 militia, and all my cities had researched phalanx, and all my caves had plenty of silver ranging from 60K to 90K

The bad news was that in the prior two weeks I had been in an epic struggle with CHCAGO to prevent him from conquering Absoroka Nation. While I was successful in my endeavor I was drained of most of my defensive forces as well as my Chariots from my attacking nation. I never recovered, because of requests for aid from other alliance members both my bireme fleets and my one defensive army had been wiped out. I started the battle with less then 200 biremes, and one defensive army at about 1/3 strength, and a send defensive force just beginning to be build from my last conquest after building the city up as a defensive land forces city.

I had to defend 10 cities:

Three of those cities were dedicated to producing Light ships, one was full at 277 LS, the other two were not with each having only 35-7 LS each.

Two of those cities were dedicated to building biremes, because of defending other AAB members both fleets had been wiped out, and I was just rebuilding, the combined fleets had less then 200 between them (at max when I finally used them combined I had 217 biremes)

I had two cities that were dedicated to being my attack cities with CS capability, one of them was at full strength along with a CS and 10 LS escort. The other one I was still adding to, but both cities had strong Chariot components, which I always build first, because they take the longest, and they are useful both as offense and defense, need to rebuild in a hurry I can go swords and bows, or slingers depending on exigent circumstances..

I had three cities I was dedicating to defense; one of the three originally was planned for offense, but had just begun to be reconfigured for defense, and was just beginning to rebuild with defensive forces. The other two were also beig rebuilt, having been used recently in defense both against my earlier epic battle with CHCAGO mentioned earlier.

First. I had to prevent any losses to my defensive forces until absolutely necessary. To do that I needed to prevent any spies from being able to spy on many of my cities and all costs. I was fortunate in that my opponents did not attack all 10 of my cities at once in any sustained way, but would target one or two at a time for heavy attacks, with random attacks on my other cities. I was also fortunate that they did not immediately use a large amount of silver up front at any time during the first critical 30 hours, as a result I was able to replenish silver in caves almost as fast as it was drained though on at least one occasion they had me down to 12K in one cave, and ha me sweating big time till replenished. I don’t think anyone succeeded at that point, or if they did they took no advantage of the knowledge as to what I had.

Secondly I had to quickly get rid of anything not used for defense in a way to deny my opponents of as much BP as possible. I took both my CS’s and one with its 10 LS escort and sent them to an abandoned city in a nearby ocean. They would be forever lost when their home city was finally conquered. Next I took the attack forces (Slingers and horses) and sent them out on what I expected to be a suicide attack missions. One I sent with its 10 LS escort set on breakthrough to the closest DeB city on a nearby island never to be heard from again, the other I sent by land as I was on the same island as a DeB city, in this case instead of being a one way mission it actual succeeded in putting that city in revolt. That had the additional benefit of forcing the owner to devote resources to defending that city for 24 hours, or my attacking city was conquered whichever came first. Here again I took the transports built to move those attacking troops and sent them well away as reinforcements to unoccupied cities with populations less then 200, depriving my opponents of those BP as well. In fact after every combat for every 26 pop in troops I lost that used transports, I immediately sent packing to prevent them giving up BP to my opponents.

For the first 30 hours I handled all attacks on my cities by myself. Dodging as much as possible, but bringing up my militia as often as possible so that I would have two full militias for multiple attacks landing all landing together within a minute or two. This was made possible by the long lead time most attacks had before actually landing. This allowed me to move all my defensive land forces from town to town as needed.

After 24 hours straight on the game, my attention and decisions began to suffer, by 30 hours I was ‘floating”. At that point I asked alliance for some help. Asking for support a sent to the one town then experiencing the most attacks, and “crashed” taking a three hour nap. When I got up and took care of my militia, and moving around my forces to meet and avoid those currently incoming attacks, for the first time ever playing this game I logged into vacation mode. I had two more 3 hour naps and one two hour nap, in the subsequent 48 hours of playing. One thing I learned by going into vacation mode that even though I was subject to attacks for another 48 hours I could no longer strike back, So my one LS fleet that up to this point had taken out two LS fleets, caught in opponents harbors, and one Bireme fleet, set to ambush my LS fleet, became useless, and I still had a little over 100 LS left; A major loss on my part, and a lucky break for my opponents.

Unfortunately there is no way I can figure our how much BP I gave up to my opponent’s total, but I do know how much damage I did:

Defense BP Attack BP Total BP earned

4 May: 2,060 29,696 31,756
16 May: 59,960 44,165 104,105
Difference: 57,900 14,469 72, 349

That left me ranked: 40th as an attacker, 4th as a defender, and 10th as a fighter

First 24 hours lost just one city, after four days of unremitting attacks from the combined might of two alliances, i lost a total of 7 out of 10 cities, and was on the ropes for two more.

It was a most enjoyable fight, one I will never forget, but one I would not do again, because of the time involved, and what it did to me sleeping patters, a week later, I am still not on a normal sleep wake cycle.


no offence, but this post made me feel as if I'm reading the entire Encyc Brit collection.. such a lengthy one..


That is the condensed version, there were so many attacks, I lost many of my early attacks into the ether, so i could not include details i planned to. :)


Hope you didnt let the enemy get those LS?!? Shoulda still been able to send them off as support to hide somewhere.

Option B could of been good if support was available more freely :p

King Nation

Very long i just scrolled threw and thought to my self Done and read the reply lol


Wow dude, you spent 48 hours straight on Grepolis, lost 7 out of 10 cities, and sacrificed your sleep pattern... I'm not sure whether to give major props, or ask what you do for a living. =/


R.I.P. </3 most commited general i ever had.

now if you all will excuse me i see i have a few attacks in bound guess i best be preparing for my fight with the coalition