I am joining NOOBS!

I wish to join your alliance as I want vengeance on Area 51 and all of their accomplices. I hope you give me an invite to my ingame name xXSexySpartanXx

PS If you -REP me for this it's because a guy ingame told me I had to post what I felt on the BIG Forum
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Well this certainly made for an interesting read, if a somewhat short one <.<

I don't know exactly what Axe has done, but people should lay off him somewhat. He's only human.

Also, if I told you to go and shoot yourself, would you do it? No? Thought not. Don't hide behind an excuse like that -__-


You named it afer yourself? Axe isn't so bad, i've seen alliances way worser. His alliance isn't bad its just that Area 51 isn't a serious alliance. Everyone lies so can't just narrow it down to him.

Anyway good luck with your new alliance, it'd be bad to be you if your new alliance goes down. Kraniet seems decent enough to lead an alliance but needs a bit more exp but is doing well for a first timer so you should be okay there for a month or so.


When did I call you nub? And no I aint joining your nub ALLIANCE you aren't gonna be a brother alliance to NOOBS we WILL PWN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Monkeyz Gone Wild

Hey im sure AXE murderer1 isnt that mean no one is


no he isnt mean at all... he is actually very nice. although i have to say, i think hes quitting. he hasnt upgraded a thing since his loss


In plain English you say?

Pointless spam, flaming another player for little actual reason.

That is pretty much the thread in its entirety.


In the beginning of this world Axe spoke so highly of his alliance...I think that people expected so much from him... Then now they are offended that it wasn't everything they expected... poor guy. People need to be not so gullible over things.


Right now you're not far wrong with your post either. Seems like the whole forum is a spam sandwich, with added spam, and flamegrilled for added texture. Seems to be a lack of respect at the current time.


I can honestly say that this forum has to be One of the worst i have seen and for the people who are spamming to still be doing it, well what can i say. Children need to have there minute of fame dont they.
Every post is getting spoilt by the same people who have made it there goal in life to spoil all the threads.
Please do something or we wont have any decent forums to chat in, an before anyone complains i am up for any fun but some of the threads that were ruined were world threads that are used for info.

king butter

First you dont like what is happening in the epsilon forum and now you dont like it here...Seems your the one with issues buddy boy...PS I found your city in this world and when I take it I am going to laugh hysterical... You will know who I am once I have your city in siege....