Monkeyz Gone Wild

First you dont like what is happening in the epsilon forum and now you dont like it here...Seems your the one with issues buddy boy...PS I found your city in this world and when I take it I am going to laugh hysterical... You will know who I am once I have your city in siege....
lol does he know anything about this world Siege hmm its not conquest its revolt you dont have a siege when its a revolt world you just stir up a revolt(like soup) and land your cs(the bread) in the city(the bowl) after 5mins after the revolt has been stirred(basically after it is cooked properly)

the morale of the story is: Get soup cook it stir it get a piece of bread dunk it in the bowl and enjoy. just jking

You need to send a revolt attack and win the battle wait 12 hours send a cs and if it gets in the city is yours.

I hope you found this ammusing


Butter, you back, thought they had kicked the trash out, and no worries i will wait for your boats to come and sink in my harbour.
But then again we all know how you play, fill your harbour with everyone elses troops and mouth off in here so everyone attacks you. Not going to work.
You may be a fool i certainly am not.
Happy hunting in this new world as Once they find out in Epsilon you back they will be looking for you.

See your hiding behind another name again, at least you can see where i am and again i will be waiting.

And just in case you thought it was anything to do with you, i always complain when forums get spammed up.
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