Yakuza premade for next conquest world

Kara Danvers

Yakuza (Japanese: ヤクザ, IPA: [jaꜜkɯza]), also known as gokudō (極道, "the extreme path", IPA: [gokɯꜜdoː]), are members of transnational organized crime syndicates originating in Japan. The Japanese police, and media by request of the police, call them bōryokudan (暴力団, "violent groups", IPA: [boːɾʲokɯꜜdaɴ]), while the yakuza call themselves ninkyō dantai (任侠団体/仁侠団体, "chivalrous organizations", IPA: [ɲiŋkʲoː dantai]). The English equivalent for the term yakuza is gangster, meaning an individual involved in a Mafia-like criminal organization.[2] The yakuza are known for their strict codes of conduct, their organized fiefdom nature, and several unconventional ritual practices such as yubitsume, or amputation of the left little finger.[3] Members are often described as males, wearing "sharp suits" with heavily tattooed bodies and slicked hair.[4] This group is still regarded as being among "the most sophisticated and wealthiest criminal organizations."[5]

Premade name: Yakuza
Settings: as long as it is speed 2+ not going to play a speed 1 world
Mode: Conquest
Requirements: Must use discord. Must use alarm. Must use gold for advisors (I'm kinda lenient on this one if you gold trade you can at least get the administrator and the captain). Must be a teamplayer (this also means listening to the advice of leaders).

About me: I've been playing since 2012. My original account is daveinator007. My other accounts are DavidDesu, and Sterben. My first world was Actium. Got to 2k points and pissed off any enemy alliance with my profile. And ofc they ended up rimming me. Next world I played was Baris the speed 1 revolt world. I played that world for over a year and got to around 220k points. I played another world called Bhrytos and ended up on the rim in o43 and joined the world 1 month late. I was playing solo. I took cities from an alliance by myself. I spent only 60$ that world and eventually made it to rank 80 fighter ranking... I cant quite remember but i think i got to like rank 60 fighter. I eventually got to like 400k points before passing my account to someone and quitting the game. Another world I played was Nagidos with a player named Thizzle. I was in the alliance called noobs in ocean 65 (yeah remember the good old times when you would fill ocean 65). Anyways we were fighting alliances much larger than ourselves. Our teamwork and perseverance payed off and we eventually went on to merge with show me your noobies. So you may be thinking what experience do I have founding alliances. The very first alliance I founded was called Lords of War in world Delos. We picked a fight with lacking diplomacy (deathwish's alliance) and it ended up very poorly for us. Next alliance I founded was zero tolerance in world hermonassa. I used old fashion recruiting methods by sending messages to individual players asking them to join. My well worded messages attracted a lot of players. Zero tolerance went on to be rank 1 for most of the world. My third alliance I founded was Send Noots in Neapolis. I actually dont give much credit to myself. Pete dunham did most of the leading for me. He is an amazing person and if he ever comes back to the game I would play with him again in a heartbeat. Send Noots made it to rank 1 briefly and then eventually dropped to rank 3 as just for laughs took the top spot. Send noots eventually merged with just for laughs. That decision was made by dizzlejoe. The next alliance I founded was neighborhood watch in bassae. We eventually renamed to ocean watch and became the sister alliance to ocean veterans. We renamed again to rising tide. Currently my alliance is ranked 7.

My strengths and weaknesses. I find I lead early on. My strength is building the alliance discord room and appointing leaders. I am very selective when I select leaders. Another one of my strengths is dealing with conflicts. Say 2 people are fighting in our chat room i break up the fight and message both people. I tell both sides to find some sort of common ground and work things out with one another. One of my biggest weaknesses is that if someone messages me and attacks me in a message and says something offensive I take it personally and may not always react in a way that a leader should. For example someone calls me an r*tard I don't react to that well.

Why you should join my premade. I want to create a fun environment for every member. Fun is the number 1 goal. Why join an alliance that is hostile to its members and has a lot of loose cannons? I will carefully vet each candidate that requests to join. I ask for their experience level, etc.

So if you think you have what it takes please message me here on the forums or send me a friend request on discord and I will message you.

River of Tears
Tj Kaniben
Le Canard
Chase is awesum
king soos

My discord: Sterben#2649​
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Darth Akula

This guy's roster is literally the Just For Laughs team...

So, kamikaze all you want it's JFL. Don't be fooled people.


I sold a lot of it yeah, still working out paperwork and other things. If things go uncontested I may come back. Just depends on if I'll be needing a lawyer or not :rolleyes: When do you think this server will be opening? Supposed to be getting my own place at the end of December.