Yakuza premade for next conquest world

Kara Danvers

I sold a lot of it yeah, still working out paperwork and other things. If things go uncontested I may come back. Just depends on if I'll be needing a lawyer or not :rolleyes: When do you think this server will be opening? Supposed to be getting my own place at the end of December.
Hopefully you dont need a lawyer... thats always a messy process. As for when this server opens could be a while... so dont be afraid of waiting thats for sure.


oh yeah that would be so much fun! you would repeat 121; hug everyone, cs 800 offline players and suck rose's toes the whole server. Im In!

Well that is certainly a way of explaining how we blew you guys out. How’s Shadow doing? Haven’t seen him around in almost a year now!