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Well it seems a lot of people remember me and they either love me or hate me, But i'm not going to lie I love it when they hate me!! And it seems I've found my biggest hater so far on this world I'm Not even out of bp and already I have a hate club.

HunKiller today at 13:12

Hey Apox.

Suggested you leave this world now. Gonna rim ya when you pass 2k and if I see you again, will keep doing so.

Ghost and leave now as my focus is you solely.

Cheers, a bloke you were arrogant to.

As you can clearly see he start off this message with zero hypocrisy and he is a very very pleasant individual. Kind of reminds me of this baby.


Then I respond with nothing but love, because he seems like the type of person who could use some love.So I gave him my heart.
lokiswrath today at 13:19

Were you someone I rimmed in the past?

and gl with that <3

But it seems I gave him my heart in vein because this is how he responded

HunKiller today at 13:25

Nahhhh, never rimmed, just ya made an enemy of me big time with your arrogance and pretention!
Gonna be my pleasure to be on the front foot here and wipe ya before you can cause problems here. Goodbye!

Once your out of BP will arrange constant spells from me and any I ask ;) Gonna make your life here a misery! Don't like try hards and dummies here. Will contact my friends in the leaders there as well, yet specify me have dibs before they kick ya.

So suggested to be quiet so I might forget ya. If not, just quit, is easier.


Guys this mean man truly frightens me I might need to quit this server HE is going to get me kicked out of harpoon even though one of the leaders has been in 2 of my alliances and he is going to hit me with thunderbolts before rimming me.

So please people of nysa save me from this cruel beast!!!

I'm begging you
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And it gets better... I'm so done this guy is my hero I wish he signed it so I could plus rep him



Maybe his sole focus should be on defending his own cities rather than rimming people who just came out of BP, considering he's lost 20 cities to Hata/Tidal/MG/NWO in the last 3 weeks.


To be honest, don't worry about HunKiller, he was on US Tau and he got beaten up and cried...he acts tough, spends his gold, and gets rimmed. Big deal