You know you've played too much Grepolis when...


You know you've been on the forum too much when you want to make a delicious meal with cheese sauce and mashed potato topping, but you really don't want cod in it. :x

EDIT: This post was longer and more descriptive than necessary due to the trouble I got in when I mentioned throwing dairy filled pastries. I am just not going there with marine foodstuffs under mash.
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With posters they and depending on the cap, they must have a lot of sister alliances


Awwww thanks :)

You know you've player too much grepolis when you walk by an army recruitment poster and say "ptff, MRA".
You know when you've played too much grepolis when you see the movie title 'Spartans' and think "pffft, there's one on every world. They all die in the end".


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You know you play too much grepolis when you're teaching a friend to play a strategy game (in my case Clash of Clans, sort of counts :p) and your first utterance after they ask you what unit to attack with is "not swordsman".


you know when you play to much grepolis when you try clash of clans and see a report and ask why are they attacking with archers and swords 8D then you call them noobs

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You know you have played too much grepo when Eviction Notice kicks you out of your house...

You know you've played too much grepo when you see the ancient ruins and say to yourself, damn those cats are good.

You know you have played too much grepo when you rather than go to holidays, stay at home for 2 weeks straight only playing the game with 2h sleep each night and some rare meals.