Announcement You lucky bunch

Gladiator 944

:eek: How could you Skully? :Angry:
You think you know someone, then this!
Peanut butter rocks but I'm not trying it on waffles.
And Skully are Brussel Sprouts better than Peanut Butter??

I would understand if you had a nut allergy....................Do you?


which alliances do u think will emerge as powerful ones in later stage of game?


None of them. All of the alliance miss one key thing to be successful; namely, me.


I am so mad right now.

I go inactive for just one week and suddenly they announce speed 3 revolt no morale world!

I have been waiting for this since OMEGA came out WTH!!!!

I missed it cause now it is full and there is no way I can catch up!!!!

WHY ME?!?!?!?!?!!!!

also congrats on being mod of this forum skully(to keep on topic) wish I was playing in this world :(


Just join, someone can boost you up. Wait for spots to open in the core, then get a friend to spot invite you. Shoot, Ill do it if you want.


Glad to see u Skully, really hope u have more work here then the world forum I met u first.

This world is soo cool!
I have always considered myself a regular blonde...nothing special and far from perfect, but lately I start to feel very important.
Hell I should be sort of special treat....
Lost the count of the revolts I had in this world...revolts by players bigger then me, from alliances bigger then the one I am in....I should be a superstar!
Shhhh be careful how u talk to me from now on :p.

SGT Slaughter

While you noobs are talking about peanut butter, Im building a lvl 8 timber camp. I have 13 swordsmen....ok 8, but Im pretty sure they are on goat steroids. Time to get serious people before I take your ocean.