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Evening Community -

I would like to announce the polls for Eubea and Cythera PoTM are currently open!

We encourage all posters to take part in competitions for their world forums, or open competitions for all members! It's a great time to socialize with other players, win prizes, and even gold! Of course competitions are not all your world forums have to offer! Remember we are open to any kind of banter, you may share these through PnPs and/or newspapers! Get to talking, we LOVE to see what is going on in-game, too! I wish you all the best! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of your forum moderation team! We would be glad to help! Be on the look out for future comps, I assure you they are coming! Don't miss your chance!

Thank you,
Your Grepolis Team


Hi there folks,

The forum's latest GFX competition will be starting soon!
With a top prize of 300 gold and a custom image user title, this new-style graphics competition will see you create a set of images over the course of 12 days before you are pitted against your opponents in a poll.

For all of the details, click here.
The competition opens on Tuesday, however there is a sign-up sheet here that you should put your name down on if you wish to take part.

Good luck!