Your Grepo Story


So its been like ten years and I want to know what your story is. How did you get into Grepolis? When did you join? What worlds did you play? What was your favorite moment?


I first started playing grepolis back in 2012. I first heard of grepolis because of a website called Mochi games. Mochi games has since shut down. My first world was Actium. My second world was Baris. I played Baris for over a year. Got up over 200k points. My favorite world was Bhyrtos. I played Bhyrtos back in 2015 when I was still unemployed and not going to school. The reason why it's my favorite world was I started a month late and spawned in ocean 43. I met a player named Ahr-Ex. I was fighting solo against her alliance. I was having so much fun playing solo. Then I played Nagidos and Istros. I recently played speed 6 Dorylaion. My favorite moment in grpeo was when I stored a cs in a ghost town. And when the ghost town lost points I lost my cs. Ahr-Ex used my cs stored in a ghost town as part of a guide of what not to do to teach new players.