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No big deal to post in forums where you dont play, i do it all the time! :)


The Whole Fam Damily <;:;:;:;:)xxxo

This post is for those that I don't recognize, they know who who they are. Before you start trying on the shoes I just threw out there, keep in mind that I speak of non participants.

I was merely pointing out that people are posting that aren't even playing in this world or any world. If you fail in one world, start over in another. It would also be helpful and appropriate to post in the worlds you play in unless you have friends in one world or forum than to simply troll around correcting folks, like the forum police. I already hate cops and that is probably why I lash out.

So, for the wrap up, I'm encouraging you to go do something. Go make friends, find a social group, watch a video Go Play somewhere that's not here!...:eek:

(I understand that it's hard to contain my awesome, and if you must be it.):cool:

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Your Mama has spoken..
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