Your noobiest mistake


So as I started Kappa yesterday, someone in my alliance suggested that we give all of our resources to one player and build him up. And that one city would destroy all the other alliance's cities. *facepalm* So that got me thinking, what was your noobiest mistake? Mine was when I sent out units to a farming village, and I saw the timer, I thought I was under attack. So I used the militia and got ready for a fight.:D So what was y'alls noobiest mistake?


Firslty HOW... your still under begginers protection

I farmed my nearest farm to death, now i have to travel twice as far!


and nom on my farm lucigus. :(

My noobiest mistake was to hide 200 horsemen in a 500 point city; during the night the city collapsed and all my horsemen died. :'( BOO HOO.
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I did a breakthrough attack without LS. I lost a whole land nuke :(
Dunc25, would we happen to be in the same alliance on Kappa?

My noobish mistake was casting Heroic power on a light ship only attack.

I also in the first few weeks I played attacked my own support in an empty city to get BP, not realising I was giving BP to the city, not the owner of the troops (ie me).

I think I've done dumber, but I'm repressing the memories.


I did a breakthrough attack without LS. I lost a whole land nuke :(
I've done that too, when the guy laughed at me i said i was just freeing up pop. :D

Also I annoyed a guy in Gamma when he was part of fusion and I was myself against 300 or so fusion cities (o75 i think it was) i got something like 15k bp from it, then one day i went out, came in and the city was nearly his, never again.

Thomas The Magnificent


My noobiest mistake: Has to be when I attacked one of my alliance members because I thought they were inactive and ended up having to support the player.


My noobiest mistake was when I started Call of The Ocean and built some transports, but they didn't seem to change in speed.


Not exactly the noobiest, but I'd say leaving Smash Bros was the biggest mistake I ever made. :)