Your noobiest mistake

Johnny 07

My noobiest mistake was probably making a guy twice my size in Gamma mad. I actually was able to beat him until his buddy even more big joined in.


Once in Gamma under a different tag, I had just successfully broken an enemy siege on an ally's city, and I saw an incoming attack one of my slinger nuke cities, so naturally I tried to dodge, but I completely mistimed the dodge and accidentally sent my troops to the wrong farming village, and the guys attack turned out to be a colony ship with 30 horsemen with it, and since my city was empty, when I got back it was occupied and he had supported it... I lost the city to a CS with 30 horsemen and like 20 LS in the original attack.


Picking Hercules first instead of Orpheus.

But to be fair the wiki said festivals only. Wasn't till I found out he works on all 4 methods that I got him.



PMing a player who was attacking me in my first world, asking him to stop and saying I was a peaceful player who was not interested in waging war with him..

Still feel like a complete nubcakes whenever I remember that.


messaging a guy I thought was someone I knew in RL, turned out they were not the person I thought they were...