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In about a week im gonna right a 2000 word post of my experiences


We're looking forward to your "righting".

P.S. If it's gonna be a 2k word post, make sure to include a TLDR version.


Here ill give you guys a tldr. i was gonna keep mixing it up but im not trying to build up a bad habit lol.

TLDR:I saw some crap. Met alot of people i already knew. gained allies lost allies, and kept moving forward all the same. Been working on a strategy of mine in the past few worlds over and over and got alot of results from this. Albeit not perfect but a definite step in the right direction. Hopefully i didnt mix up my words this time while i am writing this.
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...And so this world sadly begins to finally tail off into the abyss of the other 95 worlds previously to be at the spearhead of this terribly, terribly addictive game...

So, as I'm bored out of my mind and have nothing better to do on a Thursday night, I thought I'd share, or at least reflect myself, on my journeys and experiences in this world. I may not be the most exhilarating story teller but at least it's (hopefully) better than the dross I'm currently reading daily on the Byblos forums.

I started this world on the day the world began (which I forgot the date exactly). I had not played Grepolis for a very long time, even longer since I had lasted a considerable amount of time before giving in again (not a sex joke I promise). I played on Tau in the alliance Enigma, we were fighting Krypteia and ended up teaming up with pretty much the rest of the server (Invictus, Inglorious Bastards, Blades Of Chaos, I forgot the others) to fight these guys and girls for the WW's and still lost. It was an absolute blast regardless and to this day probably the best online experience I've ever had. I played until that world was more or less officially closed, and due to being in my last years at school at this point, did not return to the game to join a new world afterwards. I was eventually drawn back in due to nostalgic memories of the Tau days, and tried playing on Ephesus and Olympia, but both times I just couldn't get back into the game, it didn't feel right, something was missing, and like I said, I gave in early on both of those worlds and did not return to Grepolis again.

I don't know why or what caused me to give Grepolis one last try, but I did, and I stalked the external forums for a while for an announcement for the next world as I did not want to be playing catch up. Olous was announced and I made a new account on the same day it began under the name GrepoMeta ("Grepo" being fairly obvious and "Meta" being an abbreviation for "Most Effective Tactic Available"). I spawned in on the north east border of 44/45 where an alliance called "OSG" and an alliance called "Rejects" were both beginning to form a good early core. I kept to myself for a while as I received a bunch of half-assed recruitment mails and the sort of stuff you'd see in your IRL spam folder. I wanted to join the right group of people this time. I began to receive a lot of attacks from my island which at this point already was almost filled with "Rejects" members, while I was still a lonely brown city on their map. I had to make a decision soon otherwise I'd be eaten alive.

I received a message from SiriusDelta, who along with TyphonousPrime, Gildartz and a few other players, had joined Grepolis for the first time from a different browser game they were pretty good at. It sounded like a great opportunity to meet some new people and have some fun. This will probably sound really really corny but I knew as soon as I finished reading the message that this was what I was missing from both Ephesus and Olympia. Before even checking much more about them and where they were mainly situated, I agreed to join. They were much further south and on the border between 45/55. We were called "Myrmidons".

I researched conquest in my main city, still surviving up north on its own against Rejects, and sent off a CS to an inactive 2000-point city right next to where the rest of my alliance were based with about a 35 hours travel time. We had made a pact with another small nearby alliance at the time (which I can't for the life of me remember the name of right now) and we had yet to share reservations. It was already under siege by one of their members and by the time I had found out, it was too late to recall. Luckily, he was nice enough to let me have the city anyway and let my CS land. This was particularly significant as the next day, I ended up finally losing my main city up north to Rejects, so if this CS did not land then I would have had to restart and perhaps I may not have had the motivation to do so.

We started recruiting a good group of players, a mixture between complete novices and experienced players. We ended up having a mini-scrap with another nearby small alliance called the "Nerfherders" but eventually managed to form a 3 way merge to create "Hetairoi" as we all realised we were much smaller fish in a big pond. We were fighting Order 66 and their branches and managed to get a pact with Stay and their branches. But our alliance was beginning to fall apart and lots of members started going inactive or not contributing at all, which led to things getting a bit heated after myself and TyphonousPrime got mixed up with an internal which led me to leave the alliance and the alliance disbanding shortly after.

I stayed on my own for a while, which was a massive mistake on my part. I started attacking everyone around me, so much so that I ended up getting my own personal operation launched against me from my former teammates who had teamed up with former Order 66 and Stay members. I had about 15-20 CS launched against me in less than 24 hours, lost two cities and at this point I knew I wouldn't be able to fight off everyone lol. So I cut my losses and joined Spirit Of Game Kings who seemed the most logical alliance to join from where my cities were mainly located on the 45/55 border.

SoGK and Winners were a great bunch of people and a really cooperative and organised alliance, but sadly with this world being speed 1 and their efforts leaning more towards east 55 and 65 rather than 45, it was hard to get involved with large alliance operations. I noticed OCEANS VETERANS were beginning to conquer and colonise around my area and after being contacted by Coxwana about trading one of my cities in the 45/55 border to be used as a springboard, I thought it would perhaps be easier to join them instead, and as they were already allies with Winners, it made sense to make the switch over.

Old War Stories began to grow rather rapidly, particularly in ocean 46. As well as this, my former allies, Sirius, Typho, etc also joined them and they began to have a presence around me in 45. We turned them red and were battling them for a while. We managed to get rid of the majority of the red cities in our ocean (45) and began to start infiltrating their core in 46 as WW were fast approaching.

Winners, OV, Turtle Time and Killer Bunnies formed Quadripartite in preparation for the WW's and we were mainly looking to compete against OWS, OSG and possibly Euphoria further east for the crown. With a 50 alliance limit we couldn't merge every active player into the main WW team so we were going to rotate and rebuild wonders to share the crown with everyone in our ranks should we win. I was in the original team of 50 however just as WW began I fell quite ill and was unable to play and even hit VM for about a week. I returned to unsurprisingly find I had lost over half of my cities and lost my place in the 50. I continued to help like everyone else and we became victors and masters of the world.

As you all know well enough by now, unprecedented events led to Quad disbanding and OSG winning the crown.

We're now at the stage where many have lost motivation and moved on from this world but I'm still trying to get this damn crown for myself after working so hard for it. But it is what it is. I've had an absolute blast and fell in love with the game again. I've hit top 50 points and over a million BP, I'm just the only one on the server without a crown now hahaha.

Special thanks to SiriusDelta, TyphonousPrime, CJ53, Charlie903, Warchuck, MissusR, Coxwana, grepopatamus and cmonster for all the great times in this world. And everyone else who I've interacted with, as allies or enemies on this server, it's been great.

Thanks for reading :]
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Since its the end, I figured I'll share my story and experiences as the Turtle Time founder. This will be long too. But if you like history or perhaps want some clarity on my prospective, nothing will be held back.

I started Turtle Time with the desire to do something different, in this case I wanted to make a premade that wasn't just stacked out with the best players. Which I probably could have easily done had I put more effort into contacting old friends, not said that we'd start in the rim, etc. I had done that in the past and had successes with it. But the thing I made my name on back on the Nodcrush account wasn't winning wars with the best players/hardest spenders in the game. It was taking a group of newer players and underrated players and turning them into a top force that could challenge the best in the world. This is what I did from 2010-early 2012 before joining with Deathwish and getting into the premade game and I wanted to get back to that as I've noticed there's not many opportunities for players who don't have a name for themselves to play with good leaders and teams. So I went back to my bread and butter and announced I'd make a team designed to let new/underrated players learn from top leaders.

Now I wasn't stupid about this, I new the game had changed and that the days of dropping in without a core and doing pick up recruitment were long gone. So I determined that I'd join late and made it clear to everyone trying to join. This obviously turned some recruits away but otherwise I was surprised by the turnout and a lot of people had contacted me about joining. Originally, I had planned to go south east into O55. But two things stopped me.

1) The lack of growth in the ocean at the time.
2) The realization upon joining Stay Cool while gold trading that an early conflict with these guys was to be avoided. I also immediately noted Stay Cool as the guys to watch out for and the main challenge for victory in this world.

I continued to play smart, talking with Cox and Oceans Veterans before dropping in and essentially securing a relationship. I also had a friend in Adam (The original Arvid Utredson) and his co-founder Victor (Horsevong). Adam and I went way back to the US servers and our shared experiences with a crazy guy over there whose Grepolis career I've pretty much ruined. I had also led against Victor in Lato and defeated his alliance there, so he wasn't a stranger either. Anyways, Adam was supposed to bring his team and join in an adjacent ocean but in the days leading up to Olous, he decided to join us instead with his crew. There was also the leader of Project Snuggle who I had played with in the past, despite his cockiness and busting his balls, I liked the guy and he offered to work with me. But I never got a chance to take him up on it as he ended up being hospitalized and Project Snuggle fell.

Things looked bright, but got off to a weird start the day of dropping when one guy took his crew that he brought and joined O55 because we wouldn't call our alliance "Slap" or something like that. Despite losing quite a few people to that, we still got off to a good start in terms of positioning. We landed on a trio of islands in O45 and were tightly bunched up with no real active threats near us and ended up recruiting some players who played a major role in the early and later days of Turtle Time. We fed on some gold traders and a Whiplady alliance. We did this while building our chemistry with Oceans Veterans, who had dropped to the south of us in O45. But while we fed in the west, we knew we had to turn our eyes east to Zero Tolerance, Rejects, and Order 66 and co...

Originally it didn't seem like Turtle Time and Zero Tolerance would fight. They had a prime position and easily one of the best rosters of Olous, boasting multiple top 12 attackers and players and a high average and we actually had hit it off a bit. I remember having an exchange about the old Zero Tolerance and if it was the same. They claimed that it was and that they weren't about dead weight which checked out for me. But sure enough, as we finished off Whip's team, a lot of the dead weight had been funneled into ZT. This led to me asking questions about it and their diplomat saying something to the tune of "yeah? we're growing faster than you so you better play ball" there's three things that they didn't know when they said this.

1) Who we were
2) What we could do
3) That I led and I believe trained the founder of Zero Tolerance on Delos.

This led to us pairing up with Rejects who had broken off of OSG were also fighting ZT. Rejects were the natural choice since Zibute was there. For those wondering why we didn't pick them first, its because Rejects had become part of OSG for a week or so back then. So they weren't available. I also recall OSG being a ZT ally or NAP and this was why Rejects broke off as they didn't like ZT. But I also heard another story that the merge was a mistake to begin with. So lets not call it fact. What happened next was the leader of ZT going from "watch out we're bigger" to "pinging my alarm is torture, stop." Thanks to players like Addy, Juhislat, Arvid, Zibute, Muscletech, and Victor. ZT quickly began to lose ground and their players began ghosting. It wasn't long before their core was infiltrated and we learned that most their leaders were quitting and ghosting. However, with the event on, we couldn't deliver a death blow due to Von Moo, Ladybolt, and of course Karmal and their flyers. I remember that by the end of the war, Adam had 10k DLU himself, which was a lot for one player back then. I didn't know it back then, but this was perhaps the second most important war in the world as it led to creation of Tripartite.

Fun Fact: I also learned during this war that hydra nukes were incredibly useless for this type of world.


Following the ZT war, the best players mostly went to us, with the except of I think one or two going to OV or Rejects. Von Moo and most the leaders ghosted out though and the left overs joined Order 66. I think for this brief moment, Turtle Time was arguably the most powerful alliance in Olous. Having stacked up with heavy hitters, reliable newer players, and great leaders like myself, Nick, and Adam. The moment was sweet but as I'll talk about shortly, it was short lived.

Tripartite was born, but there were still some things to iron out. For example Rejects and OV were allied to Stay Cool. Rejects were allied to Order 66 and their branches. Stay Cool wasn't an issue so much as a fun fact. Order 66 was the issue as they were the next target...Or in OV's case...the current target. But the issue was short lived, thankfully Order 66 made convincing everyone to get on board easy when they began trying to expand into Reject's core and recruiting the left overs from ZT. Tri declared war on Order 66 and friends. As expected O66 couldn't withstand Stay Cool/Tri and they quickly fell apart. Creating a lot of quick recruiting and clean up. It seemed like we would be turning back west for a bit to tie up some loose ends. But, Stay Cool entered O45 via recruiting the ex- Orders and eating their cities.

This put a strain on our relationship and after a couple of days of getting no where, we took a different approach. Cox, Poison, and I talked to the SC leaders with the exception of Nex. I'll save the details. But I will say we didn't take a pleasant approach anymore and it resulted in war as they wouldn't get out. After realizing that we planned to come full tilt, SC sat back down and offered a ceasefire and to move out. We accepted and it seemed we had an understanding. Sadly, it took less than a day for that deal to get blown up by SC. This time when we went back to the table, we upped the stakes and said that we wanted control of SC as they were clearly incapable of controlling it themselves.

Now this has been a hot topic of debate in the past. So let me clear the air. The original intention wasn't to start a war but to make clear that we weren't to be thrown under the bus and and were willing to go toe to toe with anyone...For the first talk. The second talk, we were looking to start a war, we didn't expect them to actually give us control, and we'd be pretty disappointed if they did. Bottom line, we were annoyed by then and they put a target between their eyes. That said, after talking to them for six months on and off, their leaders are actually pretty cool people when you get to know them and I wouldn't see an issue like that ever happening again if I ran into them in a different world. Its more likely the language barrier/miscues combined with our determination to eliminate a problem that did in the pact than something absolutely sinister.

That said, this was the most important war in Olous. Stay Cool/Roni's Team (forgot its name) was the powerhouse of Olous and Tri was now challenging for that title. The war went off without a hitch, mostly due to Killer Bunnies pressuring them up north and Winners being able to punch above its weight. Turtle Time never got big licks in since it was so far back, but was sending support across the ocean and involved in many key breaks. They also began fighting OSG around this time. A couple of times they got us right after a big break. It was a decent war, but Stay Cool had too many holes and was gradually crumbling. We had tied the noose by beginning a relationship with Winners. This effectively cut off Stay Cool from relief and a month later would result in their downfall.

But while Tri as a whole was flourishing and on the rise during this time. Turtle Time was experiencing something of a fall from grace. Before the SC war had begun, we had began to stagnate with internals. Losing several key players like Adam, Darkmater, and Yuki. But on top of that we also had lost other players. The months spanning from March to May were almost purely internals. Whenever we cleared the hump and began taking cities off of enemies like OSG or their allies in Lords of Anarchy and Waste Management, another internal would pop up and we'd lose what we gained due to that player leaving. Our days as an individual top dog were gone...But our days as an underrated group of fighters had begun.

After SC fell and had been absorbed by various teams but Roni's team remained for Winners to deal with even though the SC war was dragging on, it wasn't enough to stop us. Victory for what was now unofficially Quadpartite was pretty much a lock. But most people didn't see it yet or if they did, they didn't make an issue of it. During this time Turtle Time were still dealing with internals, we were hit with our last major round during Easter, when Greystone, the person I left in charge of O35 had quit without telling us. We had a scrap over her cities and lost some but kept most. During this time, we moved Ianmd up to replace Greystone for O35. It turned out to be the best decision in the end. The internals were done and Ian set to work immediately, sending CS after CS at LOA and WM. The two teams had begun to have their own internal issues with inactive players and a group having rebelled on WM and the rebels were winning. It was also during this time that I took my long VM for summer courses and graduation. Ian and Nick did a phenomenal job and by the time I came back, LOA and WM were things of the past and we had secured nearly all of O35. Turtle Time had emerged from its slump and become a power again, this time a tight knit group of players who relied on each other. Because of this, OSG had found itself deadlocked with us and unable to advance.

I came back on the heels of WW. Roni's team was now gone and Tri's main fight was with OWS in the south and OSG in the north. I believe Rejects were by then merged into Turtle Time. I wish I could say I did something impressive when I first got back. But I remember the first thing I did when I got back was forget to turn my alarm ringer on and professorgreen clearing out my front line for a lot of BP. So the second thing I did was rebuild obviously. After that I finally ran an op and we ended up taking out some random OSG player almost entirely. During this time, we pushed Slogozo and some of the other OSG around and I think began changing leads with them, though OSG i'm betting leads again now. The war was truly getting interesting but we knew it was leading to a blue ball experience.

Behind the scenes we began to build our lead for wonders, this time securing Killer Bunnies to our side when we learned that OSG was trying to get them as well. Ultimately this came down to luck. Martfol, the KB leader, seemed like he was going to try to screw us, but he quit/was driven out. The ball bounced our way and the new KB leaders joined with us. The ball bounced our way again when we realized that OSG wasn't really prepared to win and this might off set their major advantage with our major disadvantage....resource shipping distance. In the end that was the deciding factor I believe. Despite our size advantage and favor advantage, I firmly believe that OSG would have won the world had they built a core for WW sooner and been prepared for it.

We had won, and had dug in for that epic fight for the crown...imagine our disappointment at not getting that fight. It was a bitter sweet feeling. On one hand, we had delivered our people to the promised land. On the other hand, no fighting was done and no fighting was attempted until after we had crowned and we were preparing for round 2 of crowns. Finally a CS landed on the lighthouse and was destroyed. But we wanted to move Horsevong off for messing up that badly, I'd imagine OSG and OWS rolled out of their chairs laughing when my co-founder had disbanded our team and ghosted. I'll always feel bad for those let down by one player's actions.

But my reaction will probably take you all by surprise...I found the irony comical and couldn't help but feel some entertainment by what happened. The reason for this is simple to explain, I laughed so hard when it happened to OWS and OSG, simply put how they went down was funny and entertaining and easily avoidable. So when it happened to us, I can't say that I was raging. I don't want to sound like that tool that plays off that they don't care. Obviously I care, I wouldn't choose this situation, and I'll never play with that player again. I also take what happened personally since it is my guy that I hand selected to guard that island. But, you gotta roll with the punches in life and sometimes you can make good decisions, have a great plan, and a great team and still not have everything go your way. In this case, only most the world went our way. The ending seems a bit a fitting. Quad won and crowned, OSG crowned. These two never got throw their punches on each other properly. But it was also clear in my eyes that this order was the clear 1 and 2.

In the end I'm happy with the results and proud of what was accomplished. A lot of great people and players came to this world and I made a lot of great friends and allies and had a lot of fun on the world. At the end of the day I can't let one person ruin the experience for me.

With that said, I think its time for a break....well I've already basically been on one for a month or so but you get the idea. If you got my skype, feel free to chat with me. Also, i'm still responding to attacks. :)

One last Request: Right now I'm not sure what my grepolis future is after Olous. If I play again, expect another Turtle Time like team. If not, someone else, if not multiple people, should take the reigns. Newer/underrated players deserve a chance to not get blown off the face of the earth here. if you like Grepolis and like leading and want to see the game prolonged, I'd suggest doing this.


It was an honour playing under you Daniel. Unquestionably one of the best leaders I have ever played under and I would like to play a thousand times under you than someone else. Our Team, It was a family. It's nostalgic that the world is coming to an end and we won't be keeping each others back again under Turtle Time. If you ever start a premade, don't forget to count me in. Stay blessed and thanks for the lovely time.! Cheers to Turtles. *Hugs*


Thanks for playing with @addy10! Turtle Time was a great experience and it did turn into a family. If I ever start a team again i'll hit you up.

But right now between studying, my campaign volunteering that's probably going to turn into an actual job soon, and working my current job, it would probably be a train wreck haha. So for now, its up to others to continue my work. :)


Even tho I stopped playing this world a long long time ago, congratulations to all the winners of the server, and thank you to all those I interacted with, either you a were great player who I fought against or along side, or a noob which I just farmed regularly, you were a part of this experience while it was fun for me. Good luck in future servers to all


I think I've had as unique of an experience as anyone on this server. This was my second world back from a 6 year hiatus from grepo(The first one I got rimmed on). I had seen the app on the app store and was suddenly hit with a wave of nostalgia from way back in 2011. I played on Omicron and Tau only for a short while but I never quite found another game like this in 6 years. I was pretty late to the party, I think Olous had opened at least a week before I joined. As a result I ended up in 63 with only a little experience and I had to teach myself the game again. I like to compare the first weeks of the world to the beginning of the Hunger Games, its mad chaos as the noobs get rimmed and players switch alliances constantly in search of something beneficial. I was no different, I desperately needed a good alliance to take me in and nurture me into a legitimate grepo player. Luckily I found just that in a group that would become known as the Timber Wolves. With them, I learned the game from the likes of Femme Fatality, Linxoffire and Klaim. I worked myself up the ranks and when the Wolves broke up due to internal bickering(as well as the unrelenting assault from Bald's Crew), I was left in charge of the alliance as well as a few others. In a power play I demoted the other founders before they could demote me, and made the alliance my own. My rag tag team caused havoc in 63 while the last of the other surviving wolf branches went to different alliances or got swallowed up by Bald's Crew. However this wouldn't last long as those Spanish bastards continued to expand. Soon they were knocking at my door in 63 and I gave into an offer from scottftw1987(their only english speaker) to merge into bald's crew. The language barrier proved challenging and when they announced that they would not pursue the world wonders, I accepted a deal from Simmerville that would allow the ex-wolves in Bald's Crew to join simmerville. This was done through klaim who was my contact in SV. SV was a great group of guys and gals which I've enjoyed playing with. SV was alligned with osg for WWs and in any other circumstances we probably would have won, but quad had half the server working for them and osg never really stood a chance. We completed one wonder to their 6. However, lolislayer had a city on the island of the completed ww and the decision was made to send loli over to quad in exchange for everyone in SV to get crowns. As you can probably guess, SV never got those crowns as quad ended up being disbanded and I was one of those unfortunate souls who were robbed of a crown. Fortunately for me, Loli still owned that city and made the same deal to osg as he did to quad. OSG is as classy a group of players as I've seen and ended up rotating SV players in for a crown. I'm not sure I would've done the same if I had been betrayed but they did, and for that I am extremely grateful. In conclusion, what was supposed to be an experimental world to teach myself grepo again, ended up turning into a crown. I was lucky to meet really great people along the way and I couldn't be happier with how this world turned out. I made a few attempts at playing on some newer worlds but nothing really worked out. As olous winds down, I am looking for the next grepo adventure, hopefully with some of the friends I have made while on this one.