Your thoughts on ARTEMIS


I like the god and what you guys did to bring it into the game.

I do have one question tho. This game is more defensive prone. So why did you put in the cleanse spell?

1-pointless again for attackers to cover attacks with spells
2- more defensive spells still
3- puts the attackers back at a disadvantage because it cost so little to use.
4- IT can get lucky to cleanse a cs then use rage to kill the cs (again still prone for the defense)
5- it cost so little to use. If timed right u can use it 3 times with the daily bonus

I would like to hear the answer and details you guys have on this.

So quick fix would be like have it cost like the revive spell which is pointless but cost 400 favors. So its a once a day or every other day spell.

If needed i can right it in more detail as well

Thanks for your time

From a older post that i answered about the two possible uses for attacking spells

As for cost it is way to low.

The cleanse spell cost 200 and unless a player in a novice there is many other tricks to find a CS travel time. So the spell goes back to be to over powering/under cost and back to being defensive prone. Which this game already has a huge favor towards.

The illusion spell cost 260 which is okay on price. But i find it rather pointless unless done by the entire Alliance to put a large number on the screen. Only one spell is not going to do much to a support line if other cities have mutiple attacks on it. Also the cleanse spell or athenas spy spell cancels it. So back to being to much

The Aim of the Huntress spell cost 100. Your ranged fighting units cause an additional 15% damage. This spell i like but prefer athena better as it covers all land units not just distance units. Range units are mainly slingers and catapults. So really is only good for cheap spells to cover attacks from spells.

So in the right hand the defensive set up of this game is still to powerful. In the right hands of a above novice player a full filled favor bank of arti is more dangerous in a defensive player protecting a city then a attacker with the range spell or the illusion which is rather pointless to use.

Ethan A.

I remember seeing you post something very similar to this a while ago. Everybody has their own gameplay style, and some find the spell useful.

Hasan Naqvi

It was psoted in gameplay questions, and as the thread got locked its here.

He is actually correct. You acn just purify and sea storm a cs. I think it was a war game......