Zakros Zing Issue 1


Hi all, So far this world has been interesting, well Im here to put detail too that....

Breaking News​

This world has been full of merges....Most recently Rising Nation into, AoA to create Angel Rising :heh: oh wait
Armageddon Nation. They are looking better but that average :(

Fusion has also merged into the Mafia, to create...

No wait its still The Mafia :p

Also The One thought they were big and bad, well they do hold a record thanks to rave...They shoulda listened because


Now the one is in the record books for most sabotages in a single day :) They fought hard tho....

Also Nordic Nightmares are number one in dbp they probably should have this guy off

Instead of DracularsHeir who has been farming the nightmare out of them...

Their now

Heres my interview with capricorn founder of Nordic Nightmares

You are #1 dbp, who is attacking you? Is it serious? A war maybe?
This is a war game,the purpose of which is to conquer and expand,our current conflicts are at a reasonable level and are not causing concern.

Your main oc is 45, which is also Fusion main oc. Are they a threat?
Alliances who share our core oceans have strengths but demonstrate obvious weaknesses,these will be exploited.

How do you plan to dominate?
Did not respond

What is your exp?
still play in Alpha where I currently have 115 cities,I have been involved in many wars and encountered a variety of players and methods of dealing with conflict.
What I will say about this world is that ,as I read the world forums each day,I am observing a completely different type of player,this makes it very interesting ;)

You guys remember when the world started lemme see you raise your hand if you thought Coca-Cola was gonna be in the top 12 for awhile?

If you raised your hand, stay in school because theres no way I would see it :p

Anyway turns out people like Pepsi :)

People crush the the abp ranks include Rave, CDC, ebLans, Ile Baslik, Acer, Drac Donvakiin, The Mafia and Dead Sea Rising...
Those crushing dbp ranks but no were near top 12 in abp include Armageddon Nation, Elite Guard, Band of Brothers, The Black Company...

Other news, Agressive Mission founder of Fusion was kicked out and tried to join Rave

The Mafia will now be calling the shots and destroying TBC....

Interview of Ceasereth founder of Ile Baslik

Your second in abp, who have you been attacking? Are you at war or in any disputes?

1. I have cleared my island, which includes some Eternal Death members, and also was had transports ready so hit some of the targets i expected might have built up some troops.

Who do you see as a target?

2. Right now, we are not focusing on a target. We are just clearing our islands. There are a few decent alliances in the area that should give us some good competition.

How do you plan to stay atop?

3. Keep working hard, building up, farming as many people as I can. I am on a lot so getting resources is no problem. Also we have a good alliance and are very interactive so I believe we will all work well together.

Your main oc is 55 and is accompanied by c.d.c, boneheadz, Acer and Band of Brothers how will you survive?

4. Currently we are not worrying about them, we are watching to see how they grow, and will handle them according to how we see fit.

Whats one thing we didnt know about you?

5. I am waiting for the first all 4 speed world to open up so I can rule that world :p


Keep an eye on Rave, Ile Baslik, C.D.C, The Mafia, and Accer all alliances that have made a mark on this world :)

Sorry for the wait and see you next week :)


When you said angels is not close to top ten in abp thats wrong we are 13 ( we changed our name to thinking as we are thinking of a better name)
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thats pathetic considering your member and pts ranking lol


Its about average ichi, honestly i expected a little better


A little less of the massive pics. But good, still not better than mine though ;)


Hahaha. Funny read though. More funny than mine. I will give you that


I am going with the consensus of everybody else with the pictures...Small or big you can still get the point across as long as you get the right subject matter. So maybe try for smaller next time. Plus it will let you hopefully get some more stuff for us to read squeezed in.

Other than that I thought it wasn't bad for a first edition. I feel like people could get a pretty accurate idea of what has been going on on the server, or at least the forums.