Zombie Co.


Greetings friends, enemies, strangers, spammers. I am Dirt.Nasty. You may remember me from gamma as L3tzD4nce (34,000 points), The Legend of Link on Zeta ( 6,900 points) or GangaFarmer on Gamma (33,000 points).

Yes, I have started and ended many accounts on this game. But when world Kappa opened, I decided to start my own alliance. Sadly, Kappa was over-run by alliances made of friends, or Noobs. This left little room for me to snag the few elite members I needed.

I quickly decided I would make my alliance there anyways, try out some strategies, and prepare for the next world.


World Lambda opens, and it is time for my rise to glory yet again.

I will be focusing strictly on Lambda and putting most of my free time into my alliance, Zombie Corporation.

The alliance will be run by me, and a surprise guest.

If you would like more information....
You should ask me.

And if you want to join, You should tell me.

We will be in the South-West ( no action in the North.)
Our alliance cap will be 30....ish.

Leadership positions will be offered to those that show a little pizazz.


Maybe I should reconsider and make an animal themed alliance....
Wouldn't want to miss out on all the action.


ya haha. Seems like this will be an animal world. Nothing wrrong with the theme tho


I'll just join a pre-made.

I want an action packed world.
And it seems all the action will be in the Penguins vs. Narwhales battle.

I'll have to choose wisely...


I might join you and with winter coming I might be active, if I am going to want rights.