Zues cast works wrong!


Okay I know this has been brought up a few times but I feel that Zues' rage works unfairly, it works as it kills a certain percent of the total pop count. but it kills that percentage in troop numbers not the pop the units(or so it looks). look at this for example.

the total pop of this attack was about 2400? so it worked out 60, so it killed 60 of each unit. This is unfair as (as you can see) it wiped out over 300 pop worth in cats alone. 180 pop in horses. This is totally unfair as it kills high pop units in mass when it costs a lot to build them. you send 50 manti's somewhere and someone casts Rage then you are looking at losing about 10-30 of those.
does anyone think it should be changed?

[please don't say "cast athena's power on it" it doesn't help"]


I think its unfair on smaller players but, on big players i think its not a problem.I can see were you, are coming from tho.


zeus rage kills 10-30% of the units.
30% of 2400 pop is 720.
the total pop of your losses is 686, so it was a bad one, but it's not outside of the limits.

if it targets units rather than farm space then sending higher pop units will mean a lower # of units and less losses (in number) so i don't think would affect it much.

EDIT: i'm not sure how the units killed are selected, but i think there may be some bias toward higher population units being hit by zeus rage, which does seem a bit unfair to me. obv i don't know how it works though so i can't be sure if it is or not.


I know the pop it takes out, no prob with that, but the fact it doesn't take the pop per unit into account but into the amount of units it kills, that annoys me


if it does it using the number of units instead of the population then you lost 204 units, which would be within the limits if you send between 680 and 2040 units.

i haven't worked it out, but i don't think it would make much difference whether it uses FS or # of units as the measure, as long as it used the same measure in calculating the size of the attack and calculating the casualties.

like i said though, i dunno how they choose what the spell targets, but it seems to hit bigger targets (more population) more frequently then smaller ones (single FS units), and i don't like that very much at all.

just for the sake of it lets check it out for an attack consisting of
10 catapults, 200 horses, 300 slingers, 300 hops.

total FS: 1350
10% = 135 = 1 catapult, 20 horses, 30 slings, 30 hops.
30% = 405 = 3 cats, 60 horses, 90 slings, 90 hops.

total # units: 810
10% = 81 = 1 catapult, 20 horses, 30 slings, 30 hops.
30% = 243 = 3 cats, 60 horses, 90 slings, 90 hops.

so the effect is the same however they calculate it. the only prob is that higher pop units seem to have a proportionally higher chance of being hit :/
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