Pending Zues Rage - destroys 100% of catapults

Deadly Truth

Or if you do attack with 50 manticores... make sure you use Athena's Heroic Foolishness first, so no spell can be cast against your attack.
If you play 2.0 world.. don't cast Heroic Power on mythical attacks. use the hade's spell which is 120 favour. Attack boosters have no effect on mythical units nor do researches.


This is very much still happening. Amazing, 6 years later... Inno... why you no fix issue that plague game?


It's not a bug. It's just a foolish calculation. I've already asked on the Beta forum, you can read the thread here. I definitely agree the spell should be adjusted as it doesn't reduce power of only an attack on which it is casted but... in fact, it also affects attacks which arrive after this. Defender is still at an advantage against attacker.