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  1. Rate The Player Above You

    dont know u but give u a 7/10
  2. World over view after 5 day protection comes off

    Do what i plan on doing oh wait sorry cant tell you that hardy ha
  3. Update to Version 2.211 Discussion Thread

    So how many days will push notifications not work after this update ie attack alarm

    As per normal grepo turns round and says days later oh we have it fixed now, but no explanation no recompense for the hassle just a there you go its fixed if you have been using our product and found it faulty well to bad as we dont care as long as you all stay and keep playing, if it wasnt for...

    This is an absolute joke everytime you lot update we then suffer and go days without push notifications working, how about you stop updating until you have every fix sorted before you update, as stated above you are expecting players to use a faulty product, no one can be on 24/7, so you are...
  6. Bad With Names Vs Balkan Boyz War Declared!

    Do that a million times might get it right once lol
  7. Worth coming back

    I said ive been around for a decade, didnt say i was playing the whole time, rich coming from someone posting on here
  8. Worth coming back

    ive been around for a decade now lol
  9. TKF's Power Rankings Edition Seven: Bunnies Drop, Spirtum Sancti, OCEANS VETERANS, The Booty Warrior Cult, & The Pariahs Rise!

    There's still plenty of fighting to go if anyone wants to catch me I'm off fishing in middle of nowhere with no signal
  10. When is the next world

    Conquest speed 2 please
  11. Greatest Grepo Players of All-Time

    Just back after few years thought i would see what was going on I started on World Alpha played on many Worlds either as this name or Ype711, a guy who i played with from Alpha gave me his account, had some great times, but to turn round and say who is the best impossible, its all about activity...
  12. Slyther/n - Speed 2 Conquest World

    If the settings are right then add me either i will be playing under myrddin emyrs or ype711, u can ask around about me im sure someone has heard of me...
  13. Offer issue extra gold extra price 25% Hike

    I stopped playing for 6 months, came back just to chill and play, not go full in anymore, wont spend gold but will try to earn it with trades but it isnt the same game and no longer has the hook for me anymore, dont know if its the fact that been playing it to long or if inno as far as im...
  14. Would You Play A Old School World Today?

    The old worlds were the best then they introduced world wonders, then the events and off course all the packages and such a world where it came down to your time and fighting and who was the most active...
  15. Wars of Olous