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  1. Halloween Event

    4 days till Halloween and still no mention of the event lmao
  2. Halloween Event

    Is their no Halloween event this year, in years before there was one always in middle of October, just wondering if its been cancelled or isnt happening this year or what
  3. Passed Naval Tactics

    This idea was created 7yrs ago how is it passed, what does that mean we will see it in the future or what some clarification would be nice, just so one day we dont wake up and the whole of grepolis has changed completly

    Agreed they should open up another hero world, its been how many years since they opened them up
  5. Olympus World Feedback Thread

    My feedback on olympus, easy its ****, good way to kill the game, go back to opening worlds with different settings either conquest worlds or your revolt worlds and have different speed settings and leave it as it is but make the world end goals longer to get too, wouldnt mind playing in a world...
  6. Next World

    How about we get decent speed settings conquest and a world that actually gets filled up this 1000 2000 player crap is exactly that yrs back worlds had 5k players plus in it with oceans filled with players, you need to get back to that a world that has over a dozen oceans with players decent...
  7. TKF's Alliance Power Rankings: Wonder Edition

    Server was ruined months ago all im saying on this topic, as for rankings and who would win i said months ago who to watch out for, as i have played for years and know majority of players from previous worlds, knew what would happen and end of the day its a War game those with gold activity and...
  8. Spartan Assassins 2020 Feedback Thread

    World 121 got 2 community awards, what a joke, inno you should be ashamed of yourself, in the middle of a global pandemic and here you are trying to profit from players, who have nothing better to do than play this game to pass the time and here u are lining your pockets...
  9. Spartan Assassins 2020 Feedback Thread

    Yes because unrealistic goals crap store crap rewards, if the rewards were better would be more of an incentive as it is you have made it poor so as to try and get us to spend more gold on them which hasnt happened, Cant think Why!!!
  10. Spartan Assassins 2020 Feedback Thread

    Very poor, poor rewards too much focus on making as much money from this as possible, no realistic chance to actually benefit from this at all, compared to other events this is the worst one, remains the same year in year out
  11. Rate The Player Above You

    dont know u but give u a 7/10
  12. World over view after 5 day protection comes off

    Do what i plan on doing oh wait sorry cant tell you that hardy ha
  13. Update to Version 2.211 Discussion Thread

    So how many days will push notifications not work after this update ie attack alarm

    As per normal grepo turns round and says days later oh we have it fixed now, but no explanation no recompense for the hassle just a there you go its fixed if you have been using our product and found it faulty well to bad as we dont care as long as you all stay and keep playing, if it wasnt for...

    This is an absolute joke everytime you lot update we then suffer and go days without push notifications working, how about you stop updating until you have every fix sorted before you update, as stated above you are expecting players to use a faulty product, no one can be on 24/7, so you are...