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City Overview

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Divine Powers


Plague: Reduces an enemy city's resource production by 50% for 3 hours / 250 favor
Return from the Underworld: 10% of units killed during a single attack return to native city / 400 favor
Treasures of the Underworld: Receive 500 silver / 30 favor
Helmet of Invisibility: Your troops are invisible for 10% of their journey / 120 favor

Mythical Units


Recruitment Time (x1): Approximately 2 hours 4 minutes
Blunt Attack/1 Farm Space: 7
Blunt Defense/1 Farm Space: 27.5
Sharp Defense/1 Farm Space: 10
Distance Defense/1 Farm Space: 52.5


Recruitment Time (x1): Approximately 5 hours 30 minutes
Distance Attack/1 Farm Space: 22
Blunt Defense/1 Farm Space: 12.5
Sharp Defense/1 Farm Space: 12.5
Distance Defense/1 Farm Space: 16.27

2.0 Farming System​
The previous farming system has now been replaced with a new, more player friendly, less clicks required interface. Looting will now require players to conquer farming villages and work interactively with island mates to upgrade your farms, and provides convenience in gathering resource for all players. When you start playing, you are automatically given one farming village to use. Troops are no longer used to farm! As for the rest, read about conquest below.

In order to farm, you must first “conquer” these villages. In order to gain control, you simply must kill all of the units defending the village. Furthermore, you must possess enough troops in your city to be able to conquer the village. A blue bar at the top (as seen in the visual below) indicates if you have enough units (based on farm space used) in your city or if you're short. As the number of farming villages you own increases, you will find increased resistance in subsequent villages to defeat. Once you kill all of the units, the village is yours to loot, demand resources, and trade with…well, at least until it revolts.
1st: 0 Units
2nd: 1 Slinger
3rd: 3 Archers
4th: 60 Slingers
5th: 60 Swordsmen
6th: 100 Archers
7th: 300 Slingers / 80 Hoplites / 80 Horsemen
8th: 150 Swords / 150 Archers / 75 Hoplites / Level 20 Wall


Booty & Diplomacy
Diplomacy: Keeps farming villages "happy" until mood drops to 64.

Booty: With this researched, it will double the resources you can demand/loot each time, but it also doubles the amount of time you must wait to demand/loot again and with looting, it also doubles the amount of mood reduction.

*Resource Amounts from Demand/Loot are based on Game Speed 1*
*Visuals are based on game speed 4.01 so ignore the amounts depicted*

There are a couple of resource collection methods you may utilize with your village. The first option is called “demand.” This allows you to collect a reduced amount of resources in each given time interval, compared to “looting” (explained below), but does not affect mood at all.

Without Booty
Lvl 1/Lvl 2/Lvl 3/Lvl 4/Lvl 5/Lvl 6
10/12/14/16/18/20 - resources for every 5 minutes
20/24/28/32/36/40 - resources for every 20 minutes
60/72/84/96/108/120 - resources for every 120 minutes
80/96/112/128/144/160 - resources for every 300 minutes

With Booty
Lvl 1/Lvl 2/Lvl 3/Lvl 4/Lvl 5/Lvl 6
20/24/28/32/36/40 - resources for every 10 minutes
40/48/56/64/72/80 - resources for every 40 minutes
120/144/168/192/216/240 - resources for every 240 minutes
160/192/224/256/288/320 - resources for every 600 minutes


The other method is called “looting.” This allows you to collect more (double) resources than demand for the same amount of time, but will lower the mood of your villages. The consequence of low mood is “revolt,” which is explained a little further down.

Without Booty
Lvl 1/Lvl 2/Lvl 3/Lvl 4/Lvl 5/Lvl 6
20/24/28/32/36/40 -6% mood, resources for every 5 minutes
40/48/56/64/72/80 -12% mood, resources for every 20 minutes
120/144/168/192/216/240 -36% mood, resources for every 120 minutes
160/192/224/256/288/320 -48% mood, resources for every 300 minutes

With Booty
Lvl 1/Lvl 2/Lvl 3/Lvl 4/Lvl 5/Lvl 6
40/48/56/64/72/80 - 12% mood, resources for every 10 minutes
80/96/112/128/144/160 - 24% mood, resources for every 40minutes
240/288/336/384/432/480 - 72% mood, resources for every 240minutes
320/384/448/512/576/640 - 96% mood, resources for every 600minutes


Every farming village starts off at level 1. From there, villages require certain amounts of resources per level to upgrade them, which will allow you to demand/loot more. This aspect of the system allows you and all players on the same island to work together to contribute resources to each village. The more players that help, the faster the villages will upgrade and the fewer resources it will cost you individually.

Level 1: 0 resources
Level 2: 1,200 resources
Level 3: 4,800 resources
Level 4: 19,200 resources
Level 5: 72,000 resources
Level 6: 150,000 resources


From looting, if the mood of your farming village becomes too low, your village will go into revolt and you can no longer receive resources. In order to regain control, you must re-conquer the village by defeating a minimal amount of troops, which are randomly generated between swordsmen/archers/hoplites.

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Phoenician Merchant

Once every 24 hours, a lovely merchant ship will dock at your harbor and on board, you will find the Phoenician merchant. He will offer you a page of options to exchange resources for some troops and exchange two different resources individually at a favorable ratio for a third resource. Once you are finished, you can wait for the merchant to leave in case you wish to trade anything else later, or kick his little booty out of your city immediately, which would allow the merchant to return sooner with his next batch of goodies. Premium users may pay 20 nuggets to reduce the merchant’s return time in half.



The Phoenician Merchant will only appear at one of your cities each day, which you will be able to select.


New Academy Research
A new research has been added to the academy in the lvl 7-9 academy range. This has replaced the previous research "Demand Troops"

Espionage: Increases the speed of your spy by 10%
900 Wood/900 Stone/1100 Silver/ 3 Research Points

Demand Troops: You are now simply able to demand troops from the farming village menu


Attack Planner
Premium Feature. The attack planner allows you to organize attacks against your targets. You can create attack plans, select target cities, add your cities and the number of troops from each city you plan to send as attack or support, the planned time of arrival, and then share it with selected players and alliances to coordinate.

Attack Planner Overview:

Specific Attack Plan Overview:

Complete Scheduled Attack/Support Overview:

Adding an attack or adding support:

Bottom right to switch between scheduling an attack or a support.

World Wonders
On each island on the map, there is a world wonder construction site, marked by a circular spot of yellowish dried out grass.


There are 7 World Wonders that alliances may construct: The Great Pyramid of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, the Temple of Artemis, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, the Colossus of Rhodes and the Lighthouse of Alexandria.​

In order for world wonders to become available in a world
1. The world has existed for at least nine months.
2. The sum of the points of the top 50 alliances is at least 250 million, and each additional month after the mandatory nine months starting requirement reduces the required points by 13 million.

Construction of a world wonder
1. Your alliance must own every city slot on any specific island to be able to claim a construction spot and to start construction. If a city is lost to another alliance during construction of a level, the level and used resources will be lost. You will have to re-conquer the lost city to continue construction on that island. If an alliance loses all cities, the wonder is destroyed.
2. Construction will be divided into 10 stages, where a previous stage must be completed before the next can be started.
3. All of the required resources for expansion of a particular level have to be transported to the construction site first before you can expand it to the next level.
4. Once they're in place, the leader of the alliance can start the expansion to the next level. For example, to upgrade the wonder from lvl 0 to lvl 1, you must first send 200k of each resource to the wonder, then a leader in the alliance can click on the wonder and there will be a button available to expand or upgrade the wonder to the next level/stage. You will then have to wait a certain amount of time for the wonder to finishing expanding to the next level .
5. By using 400 favor from every god, the players can accelerate each construction.
6. Each world wonder can only be completed once in every world. Other alliances can build the same world wonder at the same time, but they will not be able to complete the construction. The goal is to control as many world wonders as possible.


Sending Resources To Wonder

Option to Accelerate Expansion Time

Resources/Time Required per Expansion to the Level/Acceleration Time (Speed 1)
Level 1: 200000 of each resource / ~49 hours/ 41.67 minutes
Level 2: 400000 of each resource / ~98 hours/ 62.50 minutes
Level 3: 600000 of each resource / ~190 hours/ 83.33 minutes
Level 4: 1000000 of each resource / ~328 hours/ 104.17 minutes
Level 5: 1600000 of each resource / ~514 hours / 125 minutes
Level 6: 2800000 of each resource / ~750 hours / 145.83 minutes
Level 7: 4800000 of each resources /
Level 8:
Level 9:
Level 10:

Wonder-ous effects
1. For each player in the alliance, each completed World Wonder increases the received favor by 5% of the basic value.
2. If an alliance owns four Wonders of the World, the world ends and its builders go down in history as the victors.

Hero Worlds​
Information Not Yet Available​
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Brilliant a always Eclipse! Fantastic work, do you have any ideas encorporating the new myth units into a nuke? But should this not be in the guides section?


No I don't plan to look at nukes with hade's myth units.

Also, for everyone's information, these screenshots are based on a speed 10 world with speed 4 unit speed. So, some numbers in the screenshots are not accurate for regular gameplay.


top notch eclipse, thanks for this effort. i will be studying this hard for a while from this info about the farming system well, any1 on my island will hate it if they arnt in my alliance as i will be farming players far more often now =), seems to me to be more effecient and cheaper to farm players than npcs


Great guide
u missed this:

Lvl 1/Lvl 2/Lvl 3/Lvl 4/Lvl 5/Lvl 6
30/40/50/60/70/80 - resources for every 30 minutes
60/80/100/120/140/160 - resources for every 80 minutes
180/240/300/360/420/480 - resources for every 240 minutes
240/320/400/480/560/640 - resources for every 480 minutes

Lvl 1/Lvl 2/Lvl 3/Lvl 4/Lvl 5/Lvl 6
60/80/100/120/140/160, -4% mood, resources for every 30 minutes
120/160/200/240/280/320, -6% mood, resources for every 80 minutes
360/480/600/720/840/960, -10% mood, resources for every 240 minutes
480/640/800/960/1120/1280, -15% mood, resources for every 480 minutes


Costs to level up farm villages:

Level 1: 0 resources
Level 2: 6,000 resources
Level 3: 10,000 resources
Level 4: 20,000 resources
Level 5: 72,000 resources
Level 6: 150,000 resources


The times between taking resources from farms are not quite right. On a speed one world it will be 5 minutes, 20 minutes, 2 hours and 5 hours. On the test server you can collect the smallest amount every 30 seconds, not minutes.

Also, I didn't start with a farm available. They were all "Nicht Erobert" to me.
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The times between taking resources from farms are not quite right. On a speed one world it will be 5 minutes, 20 minutes, 2 hours and 5 hours. On the test server you can collect the smallest amount every 30 seconds, not minutes.

it were minutes, it changed later.


There may have also been some reduction in the cost of the early farm upgrades. Here's what I've seen so far;

Level 2 cost - 1200 resources
Level 3 cost - 4800 resources
Level 4 cost - 20,000 resources


Now I cannot send my troops wandering aimlessly!

Thanks, Eccy!



I really do not like the end part about the wonders. If you could you could make one that has an end and on that does not. The reason why I quit Travian because it would just start to get good then it would end.:supermad:


Old worlds, like Alpha/Beta will not end if I remember correctly.

Looking shiny :)