4 Characters Who Could Beat Thanos the Mad Titan with his Infinity Gauntlet

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Said this to my other friends, I'll say it again: If Thanos gets all 6 stones and the Avengers/Guardians as they currently stand win, I'm done with the Marvel movies.

As per your article, it's well written, but kind of inaccurate on Hulk, a bit on Strange, completely wrong on Shazam and possibly correct with Darkseid. But I doubt that strongly as well. Thanos would be a God.


Well Hulk did destroy an asteroid twice the size of earth :p


yeah there's not a snowballs chance in ... that any of those characters would last more than 30 seconds against Thanos with his infinity gauntlet full of stones, not even Darkside. Dr. Strange is powerful but if he gets hit once by Thanos he's dead and even with his power it would still be no match. Hulk would die the quickest as he's just a dumb juggernaut and Thanos would just straight up kill him. Captain Marvel or Shazam as he's now know is just a weaker version of superman without the kryptonite and a few less powers so no chance there. Darkside would fair the best but even with the anti-life equation the infinity gauntlet trumps it easy as it can literally change the natural laws of the universe making the anti-life equation useless.

imo the only character that would ever have a chance of defeating Thanos with his infinity gauntlet is Amazo, the android that literally has all the powers of the heroes of the DC universe and even some of its villains. However, Amazo gave up fighting and no longer interferes with earthly things and instead continues to scour the universe for infinite knowledge similar to Brainiac. Even if Amazo did fight Thanos, being able to alter the universe would still be too much he would have to get the gauntlet away from Thanos to beat him which just wouldn't happen.
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i know one person who could defeat him.

And i'm sure you all know how....


One of the Ivory Kings can take care of Thanos with ease.


"Oh, yeah that one........what was i think about just now?"