4 Down, 3 to Go


At a few minutes past midnight this morning the Inevitable happened and Eviction Notice completed the 4th of the World Wonders and secured the title of Victors of the world, but this is not the End. 4 down, 3 to go till Eviction Notice complete their dominant win of the World Wonders.

I'd also like to take the time to compliment Wargasm they've put up a great fight all the way to the End and have made this an interesting world to play and i have a lot of respect for some of their players.

But most of all i'd like to thank our Players, it's been a privilege to lead them and I couldn't have asked for a better team to have played with :)

From the beginning there have been some amazing players in this world, some who remain today and some that have been lost along the way but all have left their mark on this world.

Thanks to Everyone that's made this world such an interesting one to play in, you all rock :)
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Yes we do rock.....its been a pleasure to have been part of a great team!!!

winners we are!

and as always there has to be losers and some of them have put up a good fight!!


Yes we do rock.....its been a pleasure to have been part of a great team!!!

winners we are!

and as always there has to be losers and some of them have put up a good fight!!
It has been a blast - I'm very proud of the team and honoured to be a part of it. Congrats one and all!



This was my first on line game and my first foray into the world of Grepolis

I am not sure how I managed to end up with the victorious hordes of En but phew glad I did.

I have made some good friends and some great friends. I have been mentored and looked after and have been allowed to grow and prosper. My thanks go to the wonderful leadership who have led us through thick and thin and to the fantastic team mates who have helped me along the way.

I don't know if or when i might play another world but I could not imagine doing it without this group of players around me.

Thank you EN and Unity

P.S. thanks also to our noble enemies, a war game would be no fun if we didn't have any one decent to fight
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Great Team, Great Enemies, Great Server. I hope many will hang around till the server closes :)...

On a side note, what world we will take next??!!??


Great time in this server (not over yet!). Have seen the largest coordinated attacks ever in this one (both EN/U and WG). Great team and great enemies. Can't have one without the other.

P.S. Big thanks to EN/U for helping me achieve my first world victory (also to those who helped me along the way). ;)
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Great work to EN/U. I'd like to compliment you guys for the play you made here! Fantastic work and well deserved victory here in Myonia. It has been a pleasure fighting you guys, and hope to see you around in the other worlds, maybe even working with you on the same side.

Also would like to thank all of Wargasmer brothers for the great play. It has been pleasure working with all you guys, even through we couldn't win against EN.

Thanks for this amazing World!
It has been great playing this world the past year....

It has been fun and a satisfying experience playing in a mature, balanced alliance comprising awesome players... EN/Unity is the best...and I feel privileged to be a part of it....

Much Respect to Wargasm too....for putting up a fight till the end and making this a truly fun and memorable server !!....

Would love to play with you all again in the future