A goodbye to Belle


Goodbye my fellow enemies and friends,

was about time to leave this world as no interest at least for me, i saw many threads about who is the winner or the looser here and to be honest i dont care , what count for me is that i made new friends and i earned respect and honor both from my enemies and my team mates.

If Styx are happy to hear that win this world its ok with me but for real to win this world you have to dominate it until the last flag turns to your flag and this requires many months of more play.

My last objective in this world to be rank 1 on attackers defenders and fighters done at the time i left and i wish you all to succeed your targets.

No point to say anything for my mates but for sure i have to say something for my "enemies"

Bruizer : Good player especially when turned offensive, we had epic fights from the start of this world and i did enjoy them, fairwell my "enemy" friend

SGT : the revolver "port check" of the server, was enjoyable to play against you, both of you earned my respect

WildNisa : hmmm too much arrogance and if you are Tea city dont really want to say anything else

pretty much that was my personal enemies

as for my enemy alliance Styx , they proved that they are good organized and they kept their ground safe and expanded to our ocean even taking many inactives but this was not your fault.

Wish you all to continue have fun with this game and i m sure that i will meet you again in other servers

Bye Bye


SGT Slaughter

Goodbye Bill,

You and your Siamese twin Masq provided a task worthy of never sleeping. My family hates you and masq, but I have nothing but respect for you guys. I found your cities an all or nothing situation. Quite easy to revolt, usually a fake. We took out your walls and you just stopped rebuilding them. With your bireme def, you didnt require them. Very unorthodox but effective. When I thought I had your city, you sniped me! Thats one moment I would like to take a redo. I knew the def was next door, but I thought you were asleep...

Anyways it was fun from the spy OP with eyeball PMs to the end. You guys will be missed, except by my RL family. The party has lasted a few days with no signs of slowing down :p