a little advice please.



just wondering if anyone can help.

I'm a fairly new player in this would with 1 city at 2061 points. but I have one player on my island who has 3 cities with 4311 points 5713 points and 7259 point. he keeps attacking me and I have no idea why as a day or two before his first attack he ask if I wanted to join he's alliance. I didn't reply right away as I was thinking about it. the first attack came on 4/5 one city 2nd 11/5 all three cities 3rd attack 13/5 1 city 4th 15/5 1 city 5th 16/5 all 3 cities 9 times that day! 6th attack 17/5 3 cities 7th attack today all 3 cities.

I feel I cant progress my city much any more as I'm building up my army so he cant conquer me (had this happen in another would- big player took my city I had a lot less points than them) he is only sending about 50 units each attack from each city which is strange and only getting battle points no loot.

is there any thing I an do?
or should I simply ask him why?
I don't even know if he is doing this to the other players but I've had enough of his attacks.

any help would be very welcome

thanks LAN84

edit 19/5/14
have been attacked again last night this time by someone else in his alliance and 4 times by him this morning. I'm at the point where I'm concidering restarting my city and this makes me feel like I've been harassed or bullied in some way and this is unexceptable in any form no matter wear it happens.
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well you could either join their alliance or build your wall up above level 13 (the higher the better) and enact your militia whenever you can when being attacked and temporarly remove your troops. When he loses troops and gets no points he will start picking on someone else