A short story about SG



Once upon a time, in a world we know as Upsilon, hidden within the depths of Ocean 34, there was one man with a vision. This one man changed the course of our history. Using his exceptional managing skills, he created the alliance; Shadow Guards. Of course, to this day, we all know of Shadow Guards being the strongest and bravest alliance to have ever ruled over the seas. However, this was the time that Shadow Guards had begun their long successful journey to power.

With King Milutin as their leader, they were destined to have victory. With riri’s ability to communicate, they were able to gather the most talented and gifted players from a wide range of backgrounds. With Romefather as diplomat they were able to spread love and joy to all their beloved alliances, making sure that not one would be left without the required amount of hugs and kisses. And of course with SoppeTheMushroom’s beyond brilliant intelligence and skills, the alliance grew stronger with knowledge and motivation.

Eventually, this small alliance grew and grew; fighting off any bad infection, and destroying all irritations they just so happened to come across. It wasn’t long until this majestic alliance was ready to fight off the biggest disease in the world, which was known as Drunken Rodents at the time.

However, as we are all aware the Drunken Rodents realised how fragile they were, and they were left with no other option but to merge with another disease, later, renaming themselves as the pitiful Drunken Pacifists. Unfortunately for them, they had not been able to cover their weak spot. This gave the almighty Shadow Guards a grand opportunity to push the Drunken Pacifist. However, our little push, was far too much for them to handle and without balance and coordination, the Drunken Pacifists seemed to become unaware of the amount of vacations they were taking. Very soon, it became all too clear that the Drunken Pacifists had fallen, and had not prepared for the hard hit of the ground. They had died.

Shadow Guards took their rightful place as number one alliance, and has continued to fulfil good deeds throughout the world. Tackling crime, making sure that everyone gets what they deserve. Including the newly formed .aka, you can count on them having some pretty bad luck with the weather.

Don’t forget we have a secret weapon!!! ;)




This novel consists of only historical facts!!! No speculation whatsoever! :)

Great job, Keres!

Kisses and Hugs :D it looks fantastic


I know one of those cowards:
Who abandoned that world and still takes pride of being one of the drunken pacifists who were cowards, one of the greater cowards that is.

Now she is in Athens, using her allies to do all the work while she just sends the colony ship.
Now she is in Byzantium, upset that she can't defeat me in 2 weeks and jealous of me being in Byzantine Empire.

Oh, and don't get me wrong.

There were probably some brave ones in the Drunken Rodents/Pacifists.
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