Pnp A Story of Betrayal, Backstabbing, Dirty Tactics and Noobs.


This Issue: A Story of Betrayal, Backstabbing, Dirty Tactics and Noobs
There, and back again. In the new improvised version of The Hobbit, learn of the experience of the 9 of the Fellowship get betrayed by Euphorian players not once but twice before getting royally screwed over yet holding their own (conquest ratio 1:1) against an alliance 5x their size.

So where to start? This story resembles The Lord of the Rings/Hobbit characters and storyline so why don't we go from there ;)

First let's introduce the main characters - mainly one side - the fellowship - (Flappy Harpy) and the other side - evil people - (Euphoria)

The founders of Euphoria, the lightening thief and humanie - aka Theoden. During their times were good players/kings, but slowly wither away.

For the lord of the rings fanatics out there... you know that there is Wormtongue, the evil and deceitful, full of trickery. Whispering lies into the oh so just King Theoden's ears making him become greyer and more corrupt by the day... THIS my friends is, the traitor, the immature, the selfish one and only Dracsbak. And he corrupts old King Theoden (humanie and lightening thief) to become one of Sauron's evil-doers.:mad:

He is one of the evil Sauron's slaves and needs to be banished. The 9 of the Fellowship are Flappy Harpy - looking to de-corrupt King Theoden and banish Wormtongue (dracsbak) and his gang (looking at you kingbennett):rolleyes:

List of Dishonourable things Euphoria and Euphorian players have done

1. Spy on Goats of War, gain a foothold in their core whilst on their side before stacking the city and going to the enemy
2. Attack two players after it was agreed they would not, ONE OF WHICH WAS DIAGNOSED TERMINALLY ILL IN HOSPITAL and the other who had a death in their family
3. After taking in Goats/Flappy Harpy leftovers after the masses had ghosted, proceeded to let their little Wormtongue minion scum Dracsbak send CS's at our cities without explanation then afterwards saying that he wanted them as handovers - seriously @Euphoria leaders get that dude sorted he acts like a 6 year old
4. KICKED all the previous refugee's, PROCEEDING TO IMMEDIATELY ATTACK THEM AND SEND CS's AT THEIR CITIES (and don't you worry we have plenty of proof and we will be showing it to the world further below)
5. When they kicked us, they looked at all the offense threads we had created on cities and SABOTAGED our already ongoing CS's. That's dirty play if i've ever seen it

So... What did FlappyHarpy do about this Impromptu Kicking?
This is what we did for the first 2 days - dismantled every attempt for a takeover they had. Every. Single. One. After those 2 days we put up one city as best to leave (they kicked us for the BP's, why give them easy BP's against big dlu walls). Then we attacked them like there was no tomorrow. And what's even better? Took a city off wormtongue scum (dracsbak) even though euphoria sent everything they had (BTW guys those 2:1 naval ratios were great thanks). We know what your thinking, "aren't Euphoria a top 10 (previous top 5 before we got kicked) alliance and you guys aren't even top 20 alliances with 9 players"? Yeah that's right. Which makes this victory all the more sweet.. :cool:

So far there hasn't been any screenshots or reports yet, what even is a PnP without those am I right? So here the good stuff begins. Shortly after we were kicked, we were SUPER confused. They put a plant around alot of our cities. It had to go

This siege was pretty delicious - we have to thank Euphoria for the BP's, and the tactics. Never knew pegasi were such good attackers!!

Can't get majority of reports as they have already deleted but can show all the BP ratios. There were atleast 30 other reports like this, same ratio and all


Now for the other CS's that were incoming, boy oh boy they sunk like flies.

1. Remember to put a spell on your CS Mr. Colchis, especially when you send 2 CS's in 2 days at my city ;)

2. Same city, this time I didn't want to waste the favour on someone unworthy of my poseidon's waves and would much rather enjoy BP of the backsnipe!! Thanks Colchis!!

3. That 13 hour TT CS you guys have got coming at us... classy

Since the screenshots are rolling out like hotcakes, may aswell add in some juicy attacks ;) nice attack alarms y'all got there




Slingers are super effective when behind walls, right?


Delicious CS...


Consistent offline times are our personal favourite


p.s. these are only the best ones... atleast 10 more just like them showing Euphoria's noob-ish prowess ;)

See you Euphorians on the battlefield... Next time, might be a good idea to not kick us and try to leave us for the hounds - it'll backfire. ;) Especially when you guys aren't prepared for us to fight back. What'd you think we'd do?

Oh, and Racermus says thanks for the tip :)

Disclaimer - Would just like to note, a couple players from Euphoria around 3-5 of them have not been practising these dirty tactics that alot of the alliance have. I think it is not necessary to say their names, they know who they are.

Hope you all enjoyed the PnP, remember that really and truly this is just a game we are all having fun and I'm just trying to have a laugh. Anyone who wants to talk, feel free to do it here on the thread or in private with me if you feel it more suitable.

Flappy Harpies Out :p
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