a summary on evo vs Alpha/df


alright heres my thoughts on the end of the war. please keep in mind this is based off my knowledge of the situation from when i was in evo early on and what i see now.

Evolution- lets start with the obvious best alliance out here evo. evolution was one of the alliances that the moment i was allowed to join it would be the most dominant. despite a crazy amount of bs they wen't through involving DoW and Alpha and eventually the world evo conquered it all against all odds. murty proved he was not a guy you could just mess with. along with his whole team its really obvious to me that this team would win it all. they are also one of the few orginal major alliances to survive a world let alone win one. its honestly the greatest batch of people i ever got to be apart of in grepolis.

Defiled Forest- well they were good friends with Alpha and its nice to know Alpha has leaders capable of making friends now because when i was around they had the friendship making skills of comcast customer support + getting kicked in the nuts+ being given the middle finger+ your girlfriend cheating on you with them. however getting back to the point. DF is ALSO another orginal alliance who survived until the end so obviously thats something to be proud of.

Alpha...well Pale Riders same thing- honestly anyone who has ever seen me speak with most of these guys or on the forums knows one thing...Alpha and i get along about as well as a Michigan State Spartan and a Wolverine. anyways they survived A LOT of stuff on this world including a never ending war with Evo and constant ridicule on the forum...granted a lot of that was pretty much their fault they still stuck by their decisions and never gave up at the end of the day you gotta pay respect to most those guys who never stopped trying anyone can break down and quit especaily when its obvious they messed up. it takes a lot of heart to not quit with all that going on.

so to those three alliances congratulations for making it this far goodluck in grepolis and in life ^.^


Pale Riders are on top now and you'll never know cause you've left...


lol, of course they are on top...mostly everyone left. Its easy to become #1 when no one else is playing anymore;)