About Me~Poem Style


Came Here
After Someone Told
Me That You Can Spam
More If I Joined This Forum.

And So I Joined
This Lovely Forum
But I Joined Not Using This IGN.
Some People Knew Who I Was
And Word Spread Around I Spam A Lot
That Was When I Was 14.

My Parents Caught Me On This Forum
And So I Changed My Name
To The Name I Have Now.
The One and Only

And So I Stayed
On This Lovely Forum
I Made a GFX Shop
But NoBody Came
So I Closed It.

I Learned More About GFX
And Made Another Shop
At First I Got Requests
And Made Them
Each Time I Learned SomeThing New
XTC Did Teach Me a Few Things
And I Got Better.

Then I Saw Newspapers
I Thought They Were Interesting
So I Made One
And I Guess It Was Alright
For A Noob Like Me

I Went From Rhammus
to Taras,
to Zancle,
To Bhrytos,
To Carphi,
Then I Left
The Server.

I Rejoined the US Server
Now I Make Newspapers
One Thing I Got To Tell
You All
Is That Issue 7
Is Coming Out Tommorow...

So This Is My Grepo Experience,
It's Coming To A Close On This Server
I Hope You Enjoyed My Poem
Because I Won't Write Too Much More
I'll Linger Here And Here
But Who Knows,
I Might Come Back.