Ac04's Auto Updating maps


Here are [user]ac04[/user]'s auto updating maps for this world. There are 4 different maps available, in 2 different sizes.

If there are any problems with the maps, please let [user]ac04[/user] know either by using a wall post, or by posting in the following thread:

So without further ado, here are the maps:

Credits to Ac04
This is the first time im posting these maps so plz forgive me if i made a mistake :/


That middle is just looking more and more scary :eek:
Yea. The alliances in the very center and crawling north are really dense... other alliances are big, but they're not as densely places as the ones in the very center. And those alliances happen to all be at war with each other. This will get interesting.

I like the dense little dot in the north east on the top 15 player map =)


Of the alliances shown, Reapers of Darkness currently has the highest town to member ratio.

Unless you count The Lonely Pooper