Proposal Adding Heroes to the Attack Planner


Proposal: Add a "add hero to attack" checkbox in the planner

Reason: It's often not easy to use the planner and include a hero when timing for attacks. Also with Atlanta the travel time actually changes, making the planner inaccurate

Details: I know it could be hard to implement this due to the sheer amount of heroes in the game, but here are a few ideas to make it work
  • Make the button unavailable if you select support as attack type
Not sure how it would work around first checking the box and then selecting support, but it should be possible to deselect the hero automatically
  • Make one button for every hero
Again a question of whether this can be implemented for the planner to check which hero is in the city, seeing as it checks the units in the city at the moment of planning I think this should be possible
  • If all else fails, just make a button for including Atlanta
This is my biggest gripe with the planner at the moment, as not being able to add Atlanta makes the planner incorrect.

I'm not sure if it would be worth the effort for the devs (yes Fig I did check the DNS list and saw the point about that ;) ) but it should at least be considered

Visual Aids: None

Balance/Abuse Prevention:Seeing as the planner is already used for timing I can't imagine how this would make it more unbalanced towards players without it than it already is, it's just a small implementation with no major impacts that makes it a bit easier to use