Agony Aunt - Week 9!!!

Sapphire Sorrows

Hello Sweetlings. Today is a special day for Auntie Sapphie. A year ago today my partner Jonny – AKA Jon the snowman eater (from Beta) – proposed. And then I said yes. So share the love people! Let’s get past the mushy stuff now and get into those questions.

Dear A.A.

Once more you have helped me out of a tight spot and I owe you my thanks. The local botanical society was only too happy to take my Venus Fly Traps off me, promising to distribute the fine specimens to organizations nationally. The chief horticulturalist did seem a little bemused at the number I was donating, however I convinced him that I had been growing them for a hobby for many years. And wow… my wife…. what a little trooper she is. I showed her your reply and she agreed that a lovely new tea cosy was a great idea. Out came the sewing kit and away she went. She also thought it would be nice to embroider some unique designs on it and so it is now decorated with a picture of our nice new patio, a picture of a nice black van, an old Victorian bath tub, some lovely Venus fly traps and a shiny hatchet leaning against a bag of lime powder. We both want to thank you very much for the help you have given us, me for the wonderful solutions you have provided to certain problems and my wife for the inspiration for the wonderful teapot tapestry.

Now, on to this week’s problem. They never seem to end do they….

Well, last week I was looking for something to do to pass my time now that all my previous worries are dealt with and so decided to join a local debating society, which meets every Thursday evening. The topics are open and anyone can chip in to start the debate, so being new to the group I thought I’d make myself known and start the conversation by discussing the advantages of using a tea cosy to keep the pot of Earl Grey warm. This got some strange looks from a few people (a lot of them are old and possibly not used to discussing anything as interesting & exciting as this). However after I’d been staring menacingly at them and making growling noises through the otherwise 4 minutes of silence some of them spoke up and I was amazed at how many of them agreed with my point. In fact every one of them agreed that I was correct. When I was leaving the leader of the group approached me and nervously suggested that perhaps this wasn’t the best group for me to join as there had been a couple of disapproving comments made regarding my topic of conversation and my general demeanour.

I know you understand me by now A.A. and I’m sure you can understand how outraged I was when he mentioned those two nasty words “lunatic” and “psychopath”. Obviously this is not acceptable and my fragile mental equilibrium was tipped right off balance. I need your help to resolve this. I do have a couple of ideas but don’t know which is best. Initially I was thinking of having a “quiet little 3 way chat” involving the group leader, myself and a pair of tin snips, but then I realised that he wasn’t acting alone. There are obviously collaborators in this dastardly act and I want to know who they are and teach them all that calling people nasty names isn’t very sporting. Would I be best “chatting” with the leader alone or do you think a group interrogation would work best. I have the gas mask & a mild neuro-toxin available to subdue the group as a whole next Thursday should it be necessary but I’m worried this could end up getting a little complicated as you know I’ve experienced in the past. On the other hand if I only “disappear” the leader then again as in past experiences his absence could go noticed very quickly.

Please help me A.A like only you can. I look forwards to your always wonderful advice


P.S. My wife would like to knit you a lovely tea cosy too. Can I have your address to send it to. I promise not to stalk you, the doctor told me that the new tablets should stop the urge to do that anymore.

Dear Anonymous,

I’m glad to hear that you found someone to take your plants, and the Tea Cosy sounds absolutely lovely!
I’m glad you have found a new hobby, I’d advise against killing your debate group leader….you don’t have anything to build and you’ve cut down on your VFT numbers. So, instead of going through what can be quite a stressful kidnapping and slow tortured death situation….
I suggest you throw a tea party. Show them the beauty and grace that is tea culture. I would suggest a little herbal tea to start them off easy with perhaps some ginger nut biscuits. Put them at ease. Use some sly and well worded conversation topics to see if you can find out who started the issues.
This will help you in 2 ways, finding out who you have to deal with and also promoting the most wonderful of drinks.

Good Luck!

~Auntie Sapphie

PS, I’d love a tea cosy from your wife! Here is my address,

Sapphire Sorrows
72 Poseidon’s Rowe

Dear AA,

I have two questions:

Firstly, why is it, if all cities are worshipping the same god and the god is changed in one city ALL cities lose all favour?

and secondly and more importantly, I am having issues deploying the SCCM 2007 agent to new MED-V workspace PCs. I have created a startup script via a GPO to install the agent but this only applies at startup and when restating the MED-V host computers the MED-V workspace PC hibernate and then reawake thus not receiving the GPO. The current solution in to manually logon the the MED-V pc and restart. Any ideas?

Yours hopefully,
Mr Believer

Dear Mr Believer,

Your first question is pretty easy to answer, as one raised to know the Greek gods I can tell you with absolute surety that the gods demand a favour price when they are changed in the temples. This is to make sure none of the Gods get offended with the change – all the Gods give up a piece of themselves (Well, their worshippers) so that there is never an excuse for a war.
Your second question – have to be honest here I am overwhelmed. I have absolutely no idea. So I’d like to open it up to the public – What do you think, can you help Mr Believer?
Hope we can help!

~Auntie Sapphie

You know what time it is:

The 7 Deadly Sin Awards!

Lust ~ The player I most want to be based on their performance in game

Perfectly balanced in her BP and possibly the only one of her alliance actually involved in the war effort against MOS – Ellaranna! Congrats on the cup again!

Anger ~ the player who shows the most aggression in game

With 208890 ABP, Eclipsin12 has taken this cup and held of Maximuc024 – although it was a close thing. I look forward to seeing who ends up on top next week!

Sloth ~ the active member of the forum who isn’t so active in game

Valaghar. Very Active today – and yet still so little. I know you’ve been holding off Deathwish since you refused his invite….but you’re in my alliance as a co-leader and you should be setting an example to those smaller boys.

Covetousness ~ The City I want most based on name and points

The cities of SirWitALot, headlined with “Bacon is Embarrassed”. Interesting names, could be interesting to own :)

Gluttony~ The Player who takes the most cities in game

Another cup for Ellaranna this week – she’s up to 28 cities! Kudos!

Pride ~ The Best Alliance in Pella (My Opinion)

MOS get the cup this week, for finally reaching balance between their bloodthirsty attacks and defending home base. Well done.

Envy ~ The Alliance I want to be in based on performance in game

Although TCF have come up quite a bit this week over the last 7 days we cannot deny that Band of Misfits have grown by a substantial amount – for their development they get the Envy cup!

Thank you for reading my dears, don’t forget to send in questions and feel free to try and figure out who Anonymous it – that Detective’s Cup is still up for grabs!

Stay Classy Pella,

~Auntie Sapphie


MOS get the cup this week, for finally reaching balance between their bloodthirsty attacks and defending home base. Well done.
I had to read this 10 times over and i still dont believe MOS won a cup. Are you going soft on us sapp? ;)

Or just growing fond of us hot, young, outgoing studs? :cool:


BoM got the envy cup ;D

but I think Sexydevil deserves the anger cup... She launched 3 cs's in 2 days on BoM granted she failed miserably and lost over 2.5k and rising biremes in the process its still the thought that counts for such a small player that effort seems fairly impressive in my opinion ^.^ thought eclipson's is also well deserved :)

Sapphire Sorrows

MOS have won cups before, I don't have anything against MOS and i've said that several times. One of my favourite players in Pella is in MOS.
Not everyone hates you. I'm not going to start a fan club for you though - don't put me on either side of your conflict because i'm like Switzerland, not involved.

Val, log in and build something :p

Nod, that is an impressive effort from Sexydevil but you can't beat numbers like Eclipsin's - unless you are Max of course ;)

I notice people seem to have given up on trying to find out who Anonymous is :p


Someone already guessed that i think :( Im running out of ideas.

Sapphire Sorrows

Not Jono or me :D

I'll give you a hint though - you've not guessed Anonymous's name yet, but they post on Pella - and have done so in the last week.

Does anyone have an answer for Mr Believer's second question?