Agora during vacation mode


It is better that I describe the situation first before I would frame it as a bug.

Currently I have a situation where the vacation mode is almost activated; the 48 hour waiting time is almost finished. However, before the vacation period is activated I have send a colony ship to an empty island spot. I send the colony ship to the empty island spot when my cultural level was insufficient in the Agora.

However, after sending the colony ship and before the activation of vacation mode starts I enabled a victory procession. If the victory procession is completed I would have enough culture for the additional city. The victory procession would complete during vacation mode.

I didn't got an error saying it is impossible to send the colony ship without sufficient cultural level, nor that the victory procession cannot be started due to vacation mode. Does that mean that the victory procession should finish during vacation mode, thus increasing the cultural level during vacation mode?

If not, it might be a bug that has to be fixed.
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To found a city, you need the available city slot prior to sending the CS - regardless of if VM has been activated or not.


In my situation I had one free city slot, and send two CS with a long travel time. It didn’t gave an error message while sending the second one. Thats why i’m doubting if there is a bug.

Once both CS arrive, it should have finished the victory procession during VM, so the 2nd needed city slot becomes available. Though I am not sure if the victory procession and adding the culture point continues during VM.

I expected I wouldn’t be able to send the second CS anyways with one slot remaining.