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Discussion in 'Archive' started by polony, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. polony

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    I would be grateful if I could find out how to do the following in Grepolis, Grepostats or exporting things from either to Excel in a manner that is practical for an alliance with over 100 members.

    1) Generate a list of members of an alliance that are in an ocean.

    2) Generate a list of recipients who have not read a mass mail.

    3) Generate a list of players in an ocean showing their current population and recent changes in their population.

    4) Sort an alliance member list by their colour or rank.

    5) Send a mass mail to all members of an alliance who fit a criteria such as their colour or the last 2 characters of their rank,

    6) Paste an alliance member listing into Excel in a manner whichs records their ranks.

  2. Priscilla

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    What you are after sounds more like a database function rather than a spreadsheet.

    Point 2 requires access to the sender's account.

    Point 3 requires access to every members accounts. It's not going to happen.

    This is neither a question or a guide. Moving to Community Based Projects
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    yea point 3 is never going to happen
  4. polony

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    When I send a mass mail, I can see who has not read it, but it is difficult working with the lists because - when I copy and paste them elsewhere - the read message icons are pictures that Excel formulae can't handle.

    Wouldn't all sane residents of Grepolis like it if MRA leaders could easily see who doesn't read messages within 24 hours, warn them for non-compliance and boot them easily?

    3) has been answered by an ally: Grepotools can create a list of allied cities that is in an ocean - by filtering a grepotools search to show only your alliance and also filtering for x=200 to 300 and y = 600 to 700 for ocean 26.

    I was hoping that the Grepogods thought of a way of making things so that leaders can get some sleep. What sacrifices do they like?