Alliance Nicknames


Here's a helpful little guide to the top 15 alliance nicknames (If there is just a name that's because they have no nickname). It's in actual alliance rating order (according to Grepolis Stats). Also everything below the weekly edit are ones that aren't in the top 15 but have a nickname and are famous. This is updated by me weekly when alliances rise and fall.

TE = The Efficacious

CD= Carpe Diem (Formerly INH.)

TD = The Dukes (formerly Dukes of Ocean 64)

EE = Eagles Eye


13th = The 13th Legion

SB = Sacred Band


JU = Jasmine Union

TUOG/ UG = The Union of Glory

EotW/EW = Empire of the World

Legio IX


TA = The avengers

TON= Titans of Nu

EDIT: INH became CD, Legio IX appeared from nowhere. Also TOW are going dangerously close to becoming "Defeated". Lastly Rosi merged into TE and 13th Legion fell down a place. :eek:.

WoV- (still some left but mostly merged with SF to create INH)

TOW = Tigers of War

INH= Insert Name Here (Became CD)

SF = Shadows Fall (Merged with WoV to create INH)

NST = Nightmare Spartan Tigers

GOW = Gods of War

BE = Byzantine Empire (defeated)

Rosi = Rosicrucians (merged into TE)

ZEP = Zombie Elite Pirates.

TR= Titans Revolution

TES = The Elite Spartans
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StUnEd FrOg

EE = EaglesEye
TOW = Tigers of War
NS = Nightmare Spartans

And this next one is personally my favourite...
The MRA = Thrace..... LoL :D
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I wouldn't know how other alliances would shorten our name, I am curious about it though :)


Well since there really isn't a nickname for them *starts using hillybilly accent* it ain't going up 'der if y'all get ma meaning.


Maybe *HINT HINT! They should make this thread a sticky as it is a helpful thread for people. ;)
Although it is described as supermad: I think that :supermad: looks more like someone really scared. Don't you agree?


Thanks Zem for putting SB at the top of the list.

+rep for you


I just put them in the order I thought of them. Skully do you want make this a sticky thread? It is a useful guide for Nu players.


Well after the fall of Jasmine Union they are soon going to be taken off the list.