Top 12 Alliances of Zacynthus


Obviously dont post here now, since the world isnt open, just making the thread.


EDIT: I accidentally wrote top 12 in the name, Pushty can you please edit that for me :rolleyes:

Ichimaru Gin1

If you don't know lmaooooooo, It's your profile, it screams nooob. No one experienced would join

Gladius Hostis

What? I don't get what you mean...
I just wanted to make a noob MRA profile. But we aren't a MRA... hopefully :S

Gladius Hostis

All right :p
I just like to make a silly profile. But now it's up-to-date again.

King Leonidas 3.00

My alliance defiantly isn't a noob alliance. already highest average points per player. 7 players and ranked 6th


Name edited. :)

On a side note, can we please avoid the 'It's far too early, close this thread' comments. I haven't seen any yet, but they often happen and they're pretty boring to read. :D


Hey Ichimaru, nice talk this morning.

Anyway, I made my alliance Myth and had 6 friends join, we're all in the same island LOL, but what me off is, we're not an MRA, we're all experienced, old time players, and we're #3 on the O55 with 7 members, we're probably not going to grow past this because, I mean how do you test the mettle of someone in a game like this? Taking their town? Too late then.

And I don't like to go around sending invites, and people don't apply, it's a freaking mess.

Meanwhile, I check the #1 in the world, ***Most Wanted***

80ish members... If that wasn't sad enough, they invited me, for no reason...

So, any bets on how fast will they get their asses handed to them?


ally rankings means nothing to me at this stage of the game
in the first few weeks there will be many mergers and alliances to be dossolved


LOL, the first two alliances are MRAs.
Most Wanted will be the farm of the ocean 55 :p