Top 12 Alliances

Poisonous Doctor

He is on my island to hehehehe
Oh no, how're you gonna survive when living next to one of the great leaders in the great force in Ialysos hunting down their victims under the name Immortals?:p
Don't know if you should take the chance with these guys as your neighbor mate, might just ghost right away as well :(

The sarcasm is strong in this one

Greygnarl The Destroyer

This epitomizes Immortals. We thought pirates and Only O45 were bad and then... *shudders*


I hate how many people call their alliances "Immortals". They then get beaten up which proves they aren't immortal :p
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Immortals is an MRA. I was #1 ranked the whole day and Warlord spammed the hell out of me talking about "You join, more will join. Then we dominate together". Also any alliance that sends out pact requests at random are in fear. Thats why they will sink, sooner than later...


Of course I am not sure but I speak what I believe will happen.


Look at my stats, from one world which I just started on :D Great idea :p
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Someone ready to actually do the top 12 now that BP has ended? :)


For a newbie at this stage of the game, your wall doesn't look too bad. :p


But for a laugh and maybe the chance of motivating somebody else to do one and prove mine wrong! Here goes.

1 - Eviction Notice: Heard alot about these guys, they have good leadership and are proven winners. Tightly packed together, highest average points & sitting 2nd ABP, I'm just going to say what others I've seen say before "these guys need no explanation". For my noobish opinion I predict -Swim

2 - Jaguar Warriors: First time I've seen these guys before, done a bit of research and they have good leadership. 2nd highest average points, packed tightly around EN. Only thing I see slipping from them is their ABP rank (7th), but still early days & I can see these guys with a Swim

3 - Pirates: At the start I out right assumed MRA, shocked me a little, good average, sitting well in ABP. A few experienced players are in there. They have a small cluster but then they spread out alot. Still think they may have a hard time getting a good grip here though, for now Float

4 - Virus: Can't say much here as I'm with them. Good leadership, decent average, leading the ABP. Tight cluster with a few outliers also. Swim

5 - Just US: Heard bits and pieces of these guys, a few good players here. Solid leadership. Got a good ABP behind them, very tight cluster with a few outliers. Swim.

6 - Musketeers: Plenty of experience here, I've heard they may have ties with EN! If so this makes them quite the force. Good leadership. Sitting very well in ABP, great tight cluster of players with a couple of outliers. Swim

7 - The Titans: Again another I have not heard much about, got a few experienced players. Slipping down the ABP a bit, bit of a low average. Their spread isn't to bad but they are in a very contested ocean. Smart pacts could see them swim but for now Float

8 - Immortals: MRA anyone? Had an academy straight away, spout their 'aggressiveness' but sit 13th ABP (biggest bark doesn't always have the biggest bite guys). Sink

9 - BAND OF BROTHERS: Another MRA, average is :rolleyes:.. I guess you could say they are more aggressive than Immortals though, spread right out (all caps gives alot away) Sink

10 - Two for Flinching: Bit of experience, lowest average in the top 12, big spread. Haven't jumped of the blocks chasing ABP and it shows. Can't say much else Sink

11 - The Syndicate: Not gunna lie, like the name. Sitting in an ocean with not alot of competition, low average & I thought an alliance that embodies the name of 'hitmen' would do more hitting. Low ABP, but as I said sitting in a pretty uncontested ocean atm. Float

12 - Just For Laughs: Are the rumors true, is Lady A still tied with Virus. If so this mixes things up a bit. Tight cluster with outliers. Sitting very well in the ABP and recently opened up JFL2.. Most people have seen Lady A at the helm before and she is again. Raise the average a bit and all good. Swim

Quick wrap, somebody now please come along and do one that as a greater knowledge than me! ;)


Not sure why EN have decided to name their other 3 wings different names, may as well just be EN 1 2 3 4. Seriously whats the challenge in starting a world with half the cities already under your control? Is the challenge to see how bored you will get? Worse than pacting with the whole world in my opinion. Would of thought you guys would prefer a real challenge after myonia. Way too much talent in a small area, my prediction is world wont last long as its already nearly all EN anyway