Newspaper Amisos - November Update


Official Amisos "November Update"

Hello Everyone! I am "Loves You" and this is the Second Edition of my Newspaper.
(First Edition:
Table of Contents:
Page 1: Player and Alliance Rankings
Page 2: Top 12
Page 3: Fun Stuff & Tributes

Player Rankings:

1. Valoris I – 538,868

2. dr.mraa – 463,776

3. I.K.M – 443,712

4. weakslug – 443,011

5. damienni – 417,385

Alliance Rankings:

1. Nymeria – 8,826,013 (57 Players)

2. Jerry Springer – 6,740,226 (44 Players)

3. Phoenix – 6,520,495 (60 Players)

4. The Black Knights 4,113,228 (40 Players)

5. Nameless – 4,002,198 (31 Players)

Player Offensive Battle Points:

1. scecenik (Nymeria) – 341,522

2. dr.mraa (Nymeria) – 286,361

3. I.K.M (Phoenix) – 275,889

4. Valoris I. (Nymeria) – 205,077

5. Dunster91 (Nymeria) – 203,894

Alliance Offensive Battle Points

1. Nymeria2,157,062

2. We Mean No Harm1,723,187

3. The Black Knights1,401,155

4. Phoenix1,352,747

5. Slap1,099,074


Congratulations to Nymeria for being the first alliance in Amisos to reach 8,000,000 total points.

Congratulations to svecenik for being the first player in Amisos to reach 300,000 offensive battle points.

Congratulations to MomentumZH for being the first player in Amisos to 300,000 defensive battle points

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Originally I had planned something different; but between all the alliance changes within the past week, and people in vacation mode; I’ve decided to do a Top 12 Edition.

*Special Shoutout to player’s: Duffuss, Camaron587, Ballinordpd, RoyalMancunian, Jredge, Damienni, Devons, and Great76 for their responses; I really do appreciate you guys participating.

Top 12

1. Nymeria
With the imminent collapse of “We Mean No Harm”, members fled on the 26th and 27th to neighboring alliance “Nymeria”. With this merge, Nymeria now holds 4 of the top 5 “Best Attackers” on Amisos, as well as 4 of the top 5 “Most Points” in the world. With over a 2,00000 point lead, they are looking very strong. It will be interesting how the former “No Harm” players integrate, but I do not doubt they are ready for more fighting.

2. Jerry Springer
Similar to “Nymeria”, “Jerry Springer” also took in some new members; on the 17th and 18th following the collapse of “Slap”. While it boosted their member count, and significantly helped with a recent outburst of internals within the alliance, I am also wary that it may be a blessing in disguise and the members of “Slap” might have to admit that; “They used to be men.”

3. Phoenix
I will not lie, this alliance is looking H-O-T, HOT! Coming off of a win against “We Mean No Harm” morale is high! Maybe I’m biased as a previous “Phoenix of Carthage” member, but they are definitely a team that is here for a fight, and one to watch out for.

4. The Black Knights
I am not sure who hit’s harder, “Slap”, or “The Black Knights.” While “Slap” members were playing Softball, the Knights were playing Baseball. With my super unofficial war count of 43-4, I think it’s clear to say who won the BIG game.

5. Nameless

dU5uwWV3RqucQ7InODGZ_Third-Hand-Slap.gif ^Thank jredge for the awesome gif. [quote] Thank you so much mister! That man was about to “Slap” me, how can I ever repay you
^Thank jredge for the awesome gif.
Thank you so much mister! That man was about to “Slap” me, how can I ever repay you? Say, what’s your name??
They may be Nameless, but they are also ruthless, delivering some critical hits to “Slap” with their war tally at 30-1

6. Dead Ringers
As our resident “Death” experts, I asked player: Devons about how he felt regarding the new Pandora’s Box Event:
“There are a lot of Events one after the other nowadays and this one was only worth doing up till box #5; after that it was a waste of units.”
From opinion’s on the external forums, the new event seemed to be a bust, but I will let you all decide.

7. –Cerberus—
Is it just me, or were there abunch of merges this month? Members of “Bounty Killers” have begun merging into “-Cerbeus-“. Bounty Hunting is not for everyone, but hopefully the men and women of –Cerberus- can bring the newcomers up to speed and make them lean mean machines. Too early to tell how the merge will affect their performance.

“Nameless”, “No Name”, does nobody want to be labelled in this day and age? With Amnesia. leading the pack; what can go wrong

9. Legions of Amisos
5-0 against Jerry Springer! Could this actually be! Maybe despite all the drama. Maybe a couple featured on the Jerry Springer Show could work out. This could be it!

10.Phoenix II
Academy Alliance: No Comment

11. We Mean No Harm
waa waa waaaa

12. ..The King Landing..

“They’ve breached the Wall”
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Fun Zone

World Map

Recap of November Events:

November 17-18th - "SLAP" collapses, with the majority of active players joining "Jerry Springer"

November 17-19th - Player: MomentumZH earns 144,318 Defensive BP over a three day period.

November 19th - "..The King Landing.." begin their fall, with members hitting Vacation Mode or moving to "Nymeria"

November 27-28th - "We Mean No Harm" members begin to merge with "Nymeria"

November 30th - "Bounty Killers" merges into "--Cerberus--"

The End of the Month also marks "Thank a Mod Day", so shoutout to @.magick. for being a

Gifs of the Month:
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This is another amazing issue!

Love you! (pun intended, hehe)

Keep on writing!


I enjoy reading these publications. Keep up the great work.


Hey Everyone! Happy New Year
I wanted to apologize for the delay.

Over the Holiday period, without warning, my computer decided to say it's last farewell.
Rest assured, the information and Newspaper is still intact , however I am currently unable to access the files until the new parts come in.
I apologize for the delay, I will keep you all posted, and will hopefully be back on schedule for a January Edition