An end


We have 311 players left in Alpha with any points whatsoever. I am presently ranked 8th, though by city count I should be 7th. I have two slots open right now, so I'm considering taking those. However, I have run out of gold and no long have the Administrator, which makes this game bearable at best.

I am waiting until this world ends...and with it goes my participation in InnoGames products. It is time for me to lay aside these games and focus instead on the career and family I've been blessed with.

IG staff . . . is it still the intent of the game's managers to close Alpha when it dips below 300 players? How will this process work?



When the player count of those who are active in the last 30 days (those in vm over 30 days count as inactive) then the world will have a one month countdown until closure. There will be a bar at the top telling you how many days are left. I just went through the same thing on gamma :(